100 Million Euro Man Without ‘Attack Points’ Leaves For Spain? “Very Interested In Recruitment”

January 19, 2024 | by

FC Barcelona is showing interest in signing Manchester United striker Antony. 

Spain’s ‘El Nacional’ reported on the 18th (Korean time) that “Barcelona is emerging as a potential destination for Antony.” 

Antony is a Brazilian striker. He spent his youth in Sao Paulo FC youth club and made the first team stage in 2018. Antony transferred to Ajax in the Netherlands in 2020 after showing good performances with occasional opportunities. 

In the 2020-2021 season, Antony successfully soft-landed in the Eredivisie of the Netherlands. He scored nine goals and nine assists in 32 matches in the league alone, and scored his debut goal in the UEFA Champions League. 

He continued his career with Ajax in the 2021-2022 season. He scored eight goals and four assists in 23 league games, and scored two goals and four assists in seven matches in the UEFA Champions League. He won the title for the second consecutive season with manager Erik ten hach at Ajax. 

Antony joined Manchester United last season. He joined Old Trafford with a transfer fee of 100 million euros. Ten Haq added Antony, his student, to reinforce his team’s offense during his time at Ajax.

Last season, Antony showed a good performance. He contributed to Manchester United’s first Carabao Cup victory in six years with eight goals and three assists in 44 games. It was below the transfer fee, but it was a good season. 

Antony, however, has been devastated this season. In 17 Premier League matches, he failed to score a single point on offense. He failed to score goals or assist in 22 matches throughout the entire tournament. 

There is a possibility that he will lose the starting lineup. Ahmad Diallo, who suffered a pre-season injury, made his comeback against Nottingham Forest in the 20th round. In this game, Ahmad was more threatening than Antony. The possibility of Ahmad starting cannot be ruled out. 

Ten Hag recently defended Antony, who has been mired in a slump. He said, “Antony’s form is not good at the moment. He has to overcome it. Antony’s efficiency in Ajax has been very high. He can make important movements, key passes, crosses, and finishes. The Premier League is difficult, but he can do it.”  헤라카지노주소

Contrary to what Ten Hag said, there is a possibility that Antony will leave the team. El Nacional said, “Barcelona is showing great interest in recruiting Manchester United winger Antony, who has failed to impress Manchester United.” 

However, it remains to be seen whether Antony will be able to secure the starting position at Barcelona. Barcelona recruited Hafinha in July 2022 and has been presenting him as a right striker. Hafinha has been in top form with 14 goals and 19 assists in 70 matches at Barcelona.


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