“A milestone that even manager Lee Kang-chul couldn’t do…” KIA’s 168-win pitcher is sincere, team first, but this is “proud.”

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“The record that even director Lee Kang-chul couldn’t do…”

KIA Tigers pitcher Yang Hyun-jong (36) slowed down in the first half of the 2023 season but returned to his form in the second half, achieving successful results. However, his luck for victory was not particularly consistent throughout the season. He ended the season with nine wins, 11 losses and an earned run average of 3.58 in 29 games.

In fact, Yang was racing toward the milestone of 10 wins and 170 innings for 10 consecutive years. From 2014 to 2022, he succeeded for eight consecutive years. However, he ended his career by only winning nine games last season. Ten consecutive wins for 10 years is a milestone held by KT Wiz coach Lee Kang-chul. Jang Won-joon (39, retirement), who used to be synonymous with consistency in his heyday, also succeeded for eight consecutive years and failed for nine consecutive years. 월카지노주소

Still, Yang has one personal record that can serve as a driving force for the latter half of his career. He pitched 170 consecutive innings. He pitched 171 innings last year, exceeding 170 innings. 171 ⅓ in 2014, 184 ⅓ in 2015, 200 ⅓ in 2016, 193 ⅓ in 2017, 184 ⅔ in 2018, 172 ⅓ in 2020, and 175 ⅓ in 2022.

He has successfully pitched 170 innings for nine consecutive years. If Yang fills 170 innings again this season, he will achieve his golden crown for 10 consecutive years. For reference, Lee has won 10 consecutive innings for 10 years, but has failed to perform 170 innings for 10 consecutive years. He pitched 200 innings for three consecutive years from 1990 to 1992, but only 154 in 1993 and 150 in 1995.

Yang Hyun-jong is basically a player with a very strong team-first mind and loyalty to the Tigers. He doesn’t care about personal records at all. I’m conscious of innings, which is because I want my fellow bullpen pitchers to rest as much as possible on the day he takes the mound, rather than the meaning of personal records. In a broad sense, this is also a team-first mind.

At the age of 36, Yang is still running long and healthy without a knife on his arm or shoulder. Durability is Yang’s biggest strength. Appearing on YouTube’s legendary Tigers on the 18th, he said, “It’s obvious, but health is the most important thing. I hope you don’t get sick.” My wife says, “I hope my family has a superpower that doesn’t go to the hospital.” I hope he doesn’t get sick this year.”

Yang continued, “I think that if I don’t get sick, I will be able to score innings, strikeouts, wins, anything. This season marks the 18th anniversary, but I have never set a goal for my overall record in a year. If I continue to take the mound without getting sick, I will always keep such a milestone in front of me, so I am not mindful of my personal record and prioritize good team performance. If I don’t get sick, my personal performance will follow.”

I brought up the topic of manager Lee Kang-chul. “Although I am currently in the process, I am proud and proud of 170 innings for nine consecutive years. Baseball fans also acknowledge that achievement of innings is great, but I feel proud and proud because seniors and juniors in the baseball community always acknowledge it. This is a milestone that even manager Lee Kang-chul failed to achieve, and I dare to say that I want to keep it as much as that record,” Yang said.

I dreamt of winning the Korean Series once again. “I didn’t know because I won the championship at such a young age in 2009, but when I look back, I thought, ‘I was really happy.’ Since I won the championship when I was a certain age in 2017, I want to win again. After winning the championship, I want to feel the fans cheering for me again. I think I will watch one game at a time rather than the end of the season,” Yang said.


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