Hanwha 34-year-old Transformer, who said, “I cried my eyes out after being traded… Why am I here?” misses “Autumn Smell.”

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“I cried my eyes out after being traded.”

KBS N Sports commentator Kim Tae-kyun treated his best friend Lee Tae-yang (aged 34, Hanwha Eagles) to a meal through his YouTube channel Kim Tae-kyun [TK52] on Wednesday. Naturally, the two talked about this and that under the common denominator of Hanwha. Lee, who has won the Korean Series, which Kim does not have, has expanded his baseball spectrum at SSG Landers.

Lee Tae-yang graduated from Hyocheon High School and joined Hanwha as the 36th player in the fifth round in 2010. After playing for Hanwha for more than 10 years, he was traded to SSG Landers in the middle of the 2021 season. “I was at the SSG for about a year and a half. When I heard about the trade, it happened to be the SSG second tier team stadium. I cried my eyes out,” Lee said.

Lee Tae-yang said he has a friendly personality. “Since I played in the same team for more than 10 years, I told the guys, ‘I’m going now.’ I couldn’t get used to it at first when I went to SK. I had no personal friendship with him and had no connection with him in Incheon. When I was changing clothes on the bus before the game, Woo-ram (Jeong) and I were on a video call and said, ‘Why am I here? That’s what happened for about a month. It’s been a long time.'”

Lee Tae-yang, however, has significantly changed in the SSG. In particular, in the 2022 season when SSG won wire-to-wire integration, Lee performed robustly with eight wins, three losses and one hold with an ERA of 3.62 in 30 games. At that time, Lee Tae-yang had to go back and forth between the starting lineup and the starting lineup due to injury issues. Surprisingly, he pitched in a stable manner from any position.

“Of course, it’s good to play in one team for a long time, but after moving from team to team, I saw different things,” Lee said. “I realized that some players are doing this. I was nervous. In Hanwha, if I was forced to do well, I moved my team and let it go, but my performance got better and it didn’t affect my performance. My judgment has changed.”

I felt the importance of being a veteran in the SSG. “After I got traded, Hanwha let go of its veterans and left only young players to rebuild,” Lee said. “I need veterans to catch young players, but SSG had a lot of veterans. Veteran players strengthen the team and young players grow up well together. That’s why I thought if I have a chance to go to Hanwha again in the future, I should do this.”

In fact, Lee Tae-yang became an FA after the 2022 season and made a comeback to Hanwha for four years and 2.5 billion won. There was a story again at this time. Lee Tae-yang said, “There were other team offers. If you add one team that you are interested in, there were about four teams. Luckily, there was an FA rating system and it became a C grade. There were no compensation players, so there was no restriction on the transfer. It was a huge merit.”

Then Lee said, “I just signed a contract at one shot. As soon as I heard the Hanwha offer, I said I would do it right away. The agent asked me to wait and listen to other teams, but I told him not to. I wanted to go to Hanwha.”

He was full of Hanwha’s love from the beginning. Of course, after signing the contract, he jokingly said, “Should I have asked for more?” However, Lee has become a veteran by serving as a team leader for Hanwha, and is putting into practice what he felt in the SSG. “As I have become an old man and a veteran, I want to say something to my younger friends at best, so I am trying to do better.” 월카지노도메인

Lee said, “My team’s goal is to win the Korean Series, and I personally want to pitch in line with the ERA that I set in mind before every season. Kim Tae-kyun also said, “If the Hanwha Eagles catch Ryu Hyun-jin (37, FA), they should try to win the Korean Series.”

“My biggest goal is to win the Hanwha Eagles championship. I think the national team needs to have fierce competition to the end of this season to gain strength. We need to smell autumn. If we keep staying here (at the bottom of the group), we will definitely be here. Young players will gain strength if we go up (to the top). That way, fans will like it,” Lee said.


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