Daughter of ‘Legend’? V-League Line ‘First Time’… Willow Johnson, Yelena How Much Vacancy Will Fill

January 22, 2024 | by

Quick adaptation and better-than-expected performance are needed.

Heungkuk Life, a women’s professional volleyball team, has decided to replace a foreign player. He has confirmed his breakup with Elena Mrazenovic (registered name Elena), who has been controversial due to poor performance and attitude issues. Willow Johnson was hired as a substitute. Johnson entered the country on the 20th and immediately joined the team.

Johnson is famous as the daughter of legendary pitcher Randy Johnson of the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB). A 20-centimeter-tall left-hander, Randy Johnson played consistently in the big leagues from 1988 to 2009. He played in 4135 ⅓ innings in 618 games (603 starts), boasting 303 wins, 166 losses, two saves with a 3.29 ERA, and 4,875 strikeouts.

Randy Johnson won the Cy Young Award five times and was named an All-Star 10 times. After retiring, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015. He garnered 97.3 percent of the vote.

Willow Johnson inherited the DNA of an athlete from his father, who swept the major leagues. The left-handed pitcher is a 190.5-centimeter apogit spy who was born in 1998. After graduating from Oregon State University in the U.S. in 2020, he played volleyball in Turkiye and the U.S. He also received the AVCA Award for Outstanding Volleyball Leaders in 2018.

However, he failed to catch the eye of V-League leaders. Johnson participated in the tryout of foreign players of the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) for two consecutive years in 2022 and last year. No team has named Johnson. This means that he failed to stand out among foreign players who sought to renew their contracts and new players who were seeking to renew their contracts. About eight months have passed since the tryout last year. Chances are slim that he has achieved rapid improvement in his skills during the period.

Elena produced 501 points (39.98 percent attack success rate) in 24 games this season. She ranked eighth in overall score in the league and 10th in overall success rate in offense. However, she scored 821 points (42.79 percent attack success rate) last season when her attitude issues did not become serious due to her expression of emotions during the game, ranking third in overall score in the league and fourth in overall offense. It was a resource that was verified to a certain extent.

Johnson also has limited time to adjust after joining the league during the season. The V-League has already completed all four rounds. There are only five or six rounds left in the regular league. Heungkuk Life Insurance is scheduled to play its first game of the fifth round in an away game against Korea Expressway Corporation in Gimcheon on the 30th. After a short break against GS Caltex on the 17th, the team resumed training on the 21st. Johnson has to get used to Korea, the V-League, and Heungkuk Life for about 10 days. He has to complete the visa issuance process before he can step on the court 헤라카지노주소.

Another variable is that Heungkuk Life Insurance is putting a question mark on the setter position. Kim Da-sol is supporting Lee Won-jeong at the center this season, but he has not been stable. As the striker’s chances of successful attack increase only when the setter’s connection is smooth, Johnson and the setter team should work together to make plays. 랭크카지노

Fortunately, the team is currently taking a break from the All-Star Game, and hence the absence of players in the game can be minimized. Johnson may seek to play in the road construction game on June 30 at the earliest or in the game against GS Caltex on February 2, the next game.

Heungkuk Life Insurance has another troubleshooter, Kim Yeon-koung, who can feel less pressure than other players. Kim, known as the “Volleyball Empress,” gave 520 points (45.23% success rate) in 24 games this season. She ranked sixth in overall score (ranked first in Korea) among all players in the league and second in overall success rate (ranked first in Korea). She is taking the center stage of the Heungkuk Life team.

Heungkuk Life Insurance failed to win the championship after winning the championship in the 2018-2019 season. It ranked first in the regular league last season, but suffered a reverse sweep after two wins against Korea Expressway Corporation in the championship game. There has never been a time in the V-League in which a team that won two consecutive games in the first and second rounds of the championship failed to win. Heungkuk Life Insurance wept its tears as it fell victim to the “0% miracle” created by Korea Expressway Corporation.

“I dream of conquering the top again this season. I still have a long way to go. With 50 points (18 wins and six losses), I am ranking second among the seven female teams. The first-runner Hyundai E&C accumulated 58 points (19 wins and five losses). The gap of eight points in the second half of this season is rather wide. We need to help Johnson with his soft landing by looking at it from a long-term perspective until the postseason.


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