Without Kim Min-jae, defense is ‘wrrrrrrrrrr’… Munich lost 0-1 at home to Bremen → Kane, who is far from winning

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Winning the league is getting harder.

Bayern Munich, without Kim Min-jae, lost 0-1 to Werder Bremen in the 18th round of the German Bundesliga in the 2023-24 season at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany on the 21st (Korea time). Munich collapsed in the 14th minute of the second half when it gave Mitchell Weiser the first goal. As a result, Munich is now in second place, seven points behind the leader, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, who played one game less.

Munich came out with a 4-2-3-1 formation. Harry Kane was at the forefront of the team, while Leroy Zane, Jamal Musiala and Kingsley Coman were selected for the second term. Rafael Guerreiro and Joao Kimihi were in the third term. The back four players consisted of Alfonso Davis, Mathias the Licht, Dayo Upamecano and Konrad Reimer. Manuel Neuer was wearing the goalie’s glove.

Bremen faced off in a 3-5-2 formation. The front two-top consisted of Voltemad and Eunjinma. Agu, Starge, Linen, Schmidt, and Weiser were selected in the midfield. Jung, Friedl and Stark started the back three. Chetter kept the goal.

Bremen pushed Munich from the beginning of the first half. It seemed like he was facing a one-on-one chance by using a sharp counterattack, but Neuer came out one step ahead and successfully cleared the ball. Later, the chance was ruled offside.

In the sixth minute, you passed a penetration pass to Kane, who was rushing. Kane tried to shoot with the ball, but it was straight ahead of Chetter. Munich unfortunately missed the chance to score the first goal.

A minute later, Bremen’s counterattack unfolded. Bremen stole Munich’s ball in front of the box and broke down Munich’s defense through a brilliant three-way pass. Eun Jin-ma then attempted a powerful shot, but it was Neuer’s face. Munich continued to have difficulty attacking Bremen. Bremen, on the other hand, tried a series of threatening counterattacks. Upamecano defended this chance well with good defensive cover.

A similar situation was repeated again. Munich was helpless against Bremen’s counterattack. This opportunity was Munich, which would have conceded the first goal if not blocked by The Licht. Kimmich gave up possession with an inaccurate cross in the 16th minute. As Bremen’s counterattack continued immediately, Kimmich stopped the counterattack with an unreasonable tackle. The referee took out a yellow card from Kimmich.

In the 22nd minute, your threatening shot came out. Catching the ball in front of the box, you attempted a powerful left-footed shot, but the ball flew high above the goal. Munich missed its opening goal chance.

In the 24th minute, Bremen missed its chance to score the first goal. Bremen’s powerful shot came from near the right side of the box, which deflected off Davis and almost sucked into a superb course. However, Neuer made an amazing save to save Munich from the crisis.

One minute later, Bremen’s counterattack came out again. Having seized the ball from the midfield, Bremen sent a sharp pass to Eun Jin-ma penetrating into the back space. At once, the Munich defense team collapsed, and Eun Jin-ma, who faced a one-on-one chance with Neuer, scored a leisurely net. However, the referee conducted an on-field review, and it was confirmed that Bremen committed a rough tackle on Mussiala before the penetration pass came out. The referee then canceled the first goal for Bremen.

After overcoming the crisis, Munich immediately created a chance. You alone attempted to break through near the left side of the box, and in the process, the ball was connected to Upamecano, who was in front of the goal after hitting the opponent’s defense. Upamecano tried to shoot right away without holding the ball, but this shot was in front of the goalkeeper. With this shot, the first half of the two teams ended 0-0.

Munich seized the ball from Bremen with strong forward pressure at the start of the second half. A three-way pass was then completed, leading to you, Mussiala, and Kane, who attempted a powerful mid-range shot in front of the box. However, the shot floated high above the goal.

The first goal was finally scored at 14 minutes in the second half. The main character was a visor. Having caught the ball from the left side, the visor lightly beat Davis and attempted a powerful shot in the box. The shot penetrated the Neuer and led to a goal. Although the angle of the shot was not large, the visor successfully cut the net for Munich with sensual shots.

Munich, which conceded the first goal, replaced as many as three players in the 18th minute. Leon Goretzka, Thomas Muller, and Matissez-faire were substituted for Kimihi, Guerreiro, and Davis. It was a substitution that showed coach Thomas Tuchel’s intention to score the equalizer quickly. Five minutes after the substitution, Müller’s cross came from the right side of the box. However, the cross flowed inaccurately and passed all the players in front of the goal.

Kane succeeded in scoring a header in front of the goal in the 27th minute. However, he chose to drop the header to the player in front of the goal, instead of using a direct shot. No Munich player accepted the header. Bremen’s defense properly cleared it, destroying Munich’s chance. One minute later, The Licht, who was blocking Bremen’s counterattack, was given a yellow card for an unreasonable foul.

In the 33rd minute, you drove in from the right side to the center and attempted a powerful left-footed shot. However, the Bremen goalkeeper defended it well and Munich’s chance to equalize was eliminated. A minute later, Kane attempted a header from a corner kick, but the goalkeeper punched the ball away a step ahead. Your direct free kick in the 38th minute floated high above the goal. Despite the offensives, Munich did not easily score the equalizer.

In the 41st minute, Munich had a chance. Erik Chupo Motting attempted a sharp left-footed cross in front of the box, and Tel, who was in front of the goal, connected with a header. However, Chetterer utilized his amazing reflexes to completely block Tel’s header. Munich and home fans were disappointed. One minute later, Tel attempted a shot again. As soon as he caught the ball near the left side of the box, he immediately launched a powerful shot. However, the shot slightly missed the goal.

Tel dribbled through the box to sway the Bremen defense in the second half of the game given five minutes of extra time. And as soon as the shooting angle came out, he attempted a sharp ground ball, which even slightly missed the goal. Tel’s shot ended the match, and Munich ultimately lost to Bremen 0-1.

As a result, Munich lost for the second time in the league this season. It doesn’t look like the strongest team in Germany. First of all, Kim Min-jae, a key defender, was missing in the game, exposing a lot of anxiety. He pushed Bremen by raising the line high, but it ended up giving up the back space to Bremen. Bremen thoroughly targeted the back space of Munich. It was a game that reminded me of Kim Min-jae’s quick defensive cover. Kim Min-jae was briefly out of Munich’s power to participate in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup, which opened on the 12th. The Korean national soccer team, which Kim Min-jae joined, is currently ranked second in Group E after Jordan with one win and one draw.

Also, Kane’s irrelevant jinx is rising again. Kane left Tottenham Hotspur last summer and joined Munich. The biggest reason for his transfer was the trophy. Kane, a professional debutant at Tottenham, played for Tottenham for 13 years but failed to lift a single trophy. Finally, Kane was thirsty for a trophy and decided to move to Munich.

However, the atmosphere in Munich is unusual. Despite Kane’s joining, Tuchel’s performance continued to fluctuate, and Tuchel’s ability was at the center of attention. Tuchel is responsible for his inconsistent performance.

Moreover, the leading team Leverkusen is showing overwhelming performance. Leverkusen has faced an enormous success this season under the leadership of coach Xavi Alonso, who was appointed during the last season. Leverkusen has played a total of 27 official matches, including the German Bundesliga, the German Pokal Cup, and the European Union Europa League (UEL). However, there was no loss at all. The ratio of draws is not large either. All they had was the three draws against Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Stuttgart. It is truly an incredible move.

On top of that, just before the match between Munich and Bremen, Leverkusen went on a tricky road trip to Leipzig. They then gave up the opening goal just seven minutes into the first half to Leipzig’s Xavi Simmons. Leverkusen played without the recently injured “main gun” Victor Boniface. Yamin Adri and Edmond Tapsova were also away for a while due to their participation in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations. In addition, main wing-back Jeremy Frimpong was injured 31 minutes into the match and left the stadium. 마카오토토도메인

Although there were many variables that threatened Leverkusen, Alonso did not care. Leverkusen equaled Nathan Teller’s goal early in the second half. Leipzig immediately regained the lead with Lois Oppenda’s goal. However, seven minutes later, Jonathan Ta scored a re-alloy goal to bring the game to square one. In addition to extra time in the second half, Encapier scored the first goal of the season to complete the 3-2 victory. It was a completely different performance from Munich. They won the away match in Leipzig despite a large number of their key players missing. This widened the gap between Leverkusen and Munich to seven points. Although Munich played one less game, the advantage in the race was Leverkusen.

Leverkusen is showing overwhelming performance, raising possibility that Kane will be irrelevant to the team. Munich failed to win the title at the German Super Cup, which took place ahead of the opening of the season, losing 0-3 to Leipzig. Then, Munich was eliminated from the Pokal team in November last year, losing to Saarbrucken in the third division. Currently, the only trophies that Munich can aim for are the Bundesliga and the UEFA Champions League.


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