Dodgers mystery, why did you leave Ryu Hyun-jin behind… Why did you recruit a pitcher who couldn’t throw a regular inning

January 24, 2024 | by

Ryu Hyun-jin (36) was a similar option. However, the LA Dodgers’ choice was James Paxton (35). What made the team choose a pitcher with “free body” who failed to play even once in 10 seasons in the Major League 마카오카지노도메인.

The LA Times and other U.S. media reported on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time) that the Dodgers are close to signing FA left-hander Paxton. The terms of the contract are reportedly around $12 million a year, which includes a performance bonus according to the number of starts.

Paxton was a second-tier starter with Ryu Hyun-jin, Michael Lorenzen and Mike Clevinger among the remaining pitchers in the FA market beyond the new year. The two players, who had a question mark on their durability as veteran left-handers by one year, and had a common denominator of having Scott Boras as their agent, were in a similar situation.

New York Post reporter John Hayman predicted on the 18th that “the second tier selection market will be active within 7-10 days,” but five days later, Paxton moved first. The reason why the Dodgers, who wanted to reinforce the fourth to fifth starters, chose Paxton with a card called Ryu Hyun-jin raises questions.

The Dodgers was cited as one of Ryu’s destinations. It was also a good picture for Ryu to conclude his Major League career with the Dodgers, where he spent seven years from his debut in 2013 to 2019. Although there have been changes in the composition of players over the past four years, the team’s front leadership and manager remain the same. Ryu had nothing to adapt to.

However, the scenario for Ryu’s return to his former home has failed due to the recruitment of Paxton. Paxton, who made his big league debut in 2013, started 156 games in 10 seasons but has never had a stipulated inning. Ryu has four seasons of prescribed innings, including a season to shorten the COVID-19 pandemic. Ryu also has an injury risk, but is no match to Paxton.

Notably, he is an infirmary pro who has pitched just 117 ⅔ innings in 25 games over the past four years due to back, elbow, light back muscle and hamstring injuries. He is also 35 years old, one year younger than Ryu. Considering his overall career and injury history, including ERA (Ryu 3.27, Paxton 3.69) and bWAR (Ryu 20.1, Paxton 13.6), Paxton is no better than Ryu’s.

However, Paxton has one thing that is clearly better than Ryu than Ryu, which is none other than his speed limit. Having played four-seam fastballs with an average of 95.4 miles (153.5 kilometers) between 2017 and 2019, Paxton showed a decline due to his injury, but raised his speed to 95.2 miles (153.2 kilometers) from the Boston Red Sox last year.

The LA Times emphasized that he threw fastballs that were among the top 30 percent of pitchers in the league, saying that he was among the top 30 percent of pitchers in the Major League last year as well. On the other hand, Ryu’s average speed of four-seam fastballs fell to a career low of 88.6 miles (142.6 kilometers) after returning from Tommy John surgery last year.

A fastball pitcher with good pitching power can be a clear card in a short-term game. The Dodgers suffered a three-game sweep by the Arizona Diamondbacks in last year’s Division Series. Clayton Kershaw (six runs in ⅓ innings), Bobby Miller (three runs in one ⅔) in Game 2, and Lance Lynn (four runs in two ⅔) in Game 3 were hit in succession and left the mound early on. Miller was shaken up due to lack of ball control, but Kershaw and Lynn, who were at their peak, did not manage at all in the fall.

For the Dodgers, where the postseason is much more important than the regular season, if it is the same price, Paxton, who is a fast ball, is more attractive than Ryu Hyun-jin. Even if Paxton does not play the regular season in full, he seems to have decided that if he throws well in fall baseball, he can earn enough investment value.

When he was playing for the New York Yankees in 2019, he started three games in the fall season. He had one win and an earned run average of 3.46, which was good. Notably, he saved his team from the brink of collapse by allowing four hits, four walks, nine strikeouts and one run in six innings in Game 5 of the ALCS against the Houston Astros. The Dodgers have high expectations for Paxton.

Ryu Hyun-jin has more experience in the postseason. He started in nine games, but had three wins, three losses and an ERA of 4.54, which was more than one point higher than in the regular season. He showed off his big game features by allowing three hits, one walk and four strikeouts in seven innings in Game 3 of the NLCS against the St. Louis Cardinals in 2013, and by allowing four hits, no walks and eight strikeouts in seven innings in Game 1 of the NLDS against the Atlanta Braves in 2018, he struggled with one win, three losses and an ERA of 7.71 in the last five games.


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