How did the instructor take out the joker

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It’s an old adage from football coach Paul Bryant, who was born in 1913, and is considered a biblical phrase in team ball games.

Lee Da-yeon, a promising forward at Shinhan Bank, is a player who puts the coach to the test based on such conventional wisdom. She is receiving opportunities to fill the vacancy of Han Chae-jin, a veteran 3&D player who recently retired, but often misses matchups due to poor defensive concentration and gives way to opponents.

However, she has an attractive wingspan of 7 centimeters longer than her height, sports ability, and 3-point shooting, which is the most successful rate of 47 percent in the league this season, along with her attractive wingspan, which is seven centimeters longer than her height, and half of the six draft combine categories. Every time she steps on the court, she writes down a question on the bench.

Excuse me, would you not use me?

On the night of January 18, Lee Da-yeon, who returned to her accommodation after an away trip to Busan with BNK, was unable to sleep. Lee Da-yeon stepped on the court in the 77-62 game. Lee Da-yeon was put into garbage time with about 3 minutes left in the end, but even that was only half-played and replaced again and returned to the bench.

“If you’re not upset, it’s a lie,” Lee Da-yeon recalled with a smile. “I think I rewatched that minute and 30 seconds a lot. What did the coach not like about me? I came back to the defense after playing a two-man game in the first attack. Was the defense a switch? Did I forget my promise? I reflected on myself, prayed, and cried. I barely slept that day.” (laughs)

A week after the sleepless night, Lee Da-yeon had another chance. The most important game this season is probably against the fifth-ranked Shinhan Bank, which is three games behind, in a showdown with the fourth-ranked Hana One Q at home. However, Shinhan is on alert as ace Kim So-na, who was scoring double-digit points alone, committed the fourth foul early in the third quarter.

“If you think basketball is a card game.”

Shinhan Bank’s manager Gunathan, a “one-shot instructor,” recounts the game like this. “There were not many cards to take out due to injuries, and Sonia was in trouble… It was an emergency.” In that situation, there was only one card that could have taken the lead in attacking. If basketball was considered a card game. It was the last game and the real game. Da-yeon.”

With the score trailing 38-42 and about three minutes left until the end of the third quarter, coach Koo excluded Kim Sonia and put in Lee Da-yeon. Finally, on December 29, the game is the first to put in Lee Da-yeon, the player at the end of garbage time who did not score in the previous game in 2024, in the decisive situation of the game.

The reality, however, was not a cartoon character of youth. Lee Da-yeon gave up an open chance by completely missing Jeong Ye-rim in the matchup, and Jeong Ye-rim’s shot cut the rim. A fatal mistake when he scored a three-point shot in exactly 14 seconds after stepping on the court.

Look, players who can’t defend can’t?

And the operation time buzzer that was called without fail. For Lee Da-yeon, the way back to the bench felt like an infinitely long road.

“Honestly, I thought it would be replaced. I told him not to get 3 points, but he got hit as soon as he got in. So even when I went back to the bench, I was like, ‘It’ll change, right? Can I sit down? I think it’ll be replaced anyway, will he stand behind me?’ and I was confused.” 월카지노

However, Gunathan’s “Gamble” was not a 14-second shorts. Lee Da-yeon was at the center during the battle time after receiving a three-point shot, and Lee Da-yeon was at the center in the pattern of the battle board drawn by Koo. The pattern of a three-point shot in which No. 3 player pretends to make a cut to the baseline and comes up from two screens to shoot. Shinhan Bank calls this pattern “three.”

“I thought I must have lost a lot of confidence because of my defensive mistake in the position just before,” Koo said. “So rather, if I make a pattern now, I thought I would have felt desperate, ‘If I can’t put it in here, I won’t have a next chance,’ and I gave it to him, but he did it.” (laughs)

Coach Koo’s gamble did not end here. No, it started here. His strategy name was “Three,” in which Lee Da-yeon was the Joker, and Shinhan Bank overtook Hana One Q by operating the same pattern four times during the remaining three minutes of the third quarter.

The first “Three” was converted into Lee Da-yeon’s three-point shot, the second “Three” was converted into Lee Da-yeon’s two-man game, the third “Three” was Lee Da-yeon’s backdoor cut, and the fourth “Three” was Lee Da-yeon’s two-man game. The Joker, who had a 47% success rate of three-point shots that Shinhan Bank had hidden so far, danced with numerous variations on the floor for himself.

As such, Gamble worked, and Coach Koo’s Joker Lee Da-yeon turned the tables by scoring seven points with a 100% fielding rate for three minutes and 34 seconds. Shinhan Bank, which was losing 38-45 before Lee Da-yeon danced, finished the third quarter with a 48-47 reversal in just three minutes, and eventually finished the game with a 59-57 victory. Shinhan Bank, which had walked in an endless tunnel with only two wins in the first half, won three games in the second half, igniting a spark of hope.

“Our team’s motto for this year is ‘Do or Die’,” says Koo. “I told the players that we really wanted to do it, but today’s game was the most important turning point of the season. It’s really… I feel great.”

There are 10 more games left. The last playoff race and the second playoff race. Shinhan Bank’s “Death or Bluffing Game” will be released soon.

Oh, with a sharp joker with a 47% success rate of 3-point shooting.


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