“I can’t believe he’s in his 9th year at Manchester United.”…Marshall is out for 10 weeks due to groin surgery

January 25, 2024 | by

Anthony Martial will be sidelined again due to injury.

Manchester United officially announced on its website on the 24th (Korea time), “Manchester United striker Marshall has successfully completed surgery to treat a groin injury and will not play for about 10 weeks for rehabilitation.”

Marshall is an all-weather striker who dribbles and moves fast and can watch both wingers and strikers. As wingers can pull off the ball, he makes the most of the players on the side and has good scoring ability, so he had 18 goals in the 2015/16 season.

After moving to Manchester United from Monaco in 2014/15 with a huge performance, he was expected by fans with a huge transfer fee. He won the Golden Boy Award in 2015 after scoring 18 goals and 11 assists in 56 games while spearheading Manchester United’s 2015/16 season.

Since then, he has been starting and coming back and forth from the bench with a consistent slump, and he spends his career high season as a striker in full bloom under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the 2019/20 season, scoring 23 goals and 12 assists in 48 games. Since then, he has shown injuries and bad performance, and in the end, Manchester United put Marshall on the release list.

Ten Haq has previously publicly acknowledged Marshall as “hard to trust” because of his injury record. Marshall’s record of not playing a single 90 minutes in the league last season is evidence that supports this claim.

Marshall has missed a total of 83 games since joining Manchester United in 2015, and recorded the longest absence (14 games) in the 2014/15 season with a ruptured knee ligament. Other injuries include Achilles tendon irritation (5 games), hamstring strain (9 games), and groin strain (6 games). 헤라카지노

Marshall is scheduled to leave Manchester United after the 2023/24 season after the club rejected an offer to extend his contract for a year with just over six months left on his current contract. Martial has currently been sidelined since an 0-3 loss to Bournemouth in December.

United currently rely on Marcus Rashford and Rasmus Huairun for the front line. However, the two players have struggled in 36 appearances, scoring just six Premier League goals.


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