Tottenham’s ‘Ace → Gyereuk’ shock love call… If it’s half-way through, the semifinal rival team will start thinking about it

January 27, 2024 | by

With the Premier League winter transfer market less than a week away, Tottenham Hotspur is still thirsty for reinforcement.

In particular, he intends to step up efforts to reinforce midfielder position. He was the first to have contact with “fat” midfielder Kalvin Phillips of Manchester City, but Phillips left for West Ham United to secure a starting player.

The next midfielder Tottenham is Chelsea midfielder Connor Gallagher, who is even interim captain this season. It is a resource that can greatly help both sides of offense and defense based on his active activity. He is a suitable player for the strong attacking football pursued by Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou.

However, currently, Tottenham has to comply with the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, so Gallagher’s recruitment is not proceeding easily.

Worries have emerged. This is because other rival clubs in the Premier League are eyeing Tottenham midfielder Pierre Emile-Hoybier.

David Onstein of the global sports media “The Athletic” said on the 26th (Korea time), “Gallagher remains at Chelsea, but in order to join Tottenham, Tottenham can recruit him after disposing of Hoivier and being free from FFP regulations.”

Gallagher is currently in a contractual relationship with Chelsea until the summer of 2025. According to Onstein, Chelsea currently have no plans to offer him a renewal of his contract and plan to sell him out if an appropriate offer comes along.

Currently, Tottenham is closely watching Gallagher. “I tried to recruit Gallagher last summer. He seems to be trying again,” Onstein said, signaling that Tottenham is highly interested.

However, he should be disposed of. “The ideal situation is to sell Hoivier,” said Onstein. “That’s how Gallagher can be recruited, but there seems to be no news on Hoivier that is ongoing.” “The ideal situation does not necessarily happen,” Onstein said. “It seems that there will be no further transactions at the transfer market.”

However, if Hoivier is sold, the story will be different. The Sun, a British media outlet, said on Wednesday that Newcastle United are rushing to recruit Hoivier, signaling that his transfer is imminent.

According to the media, coach Eddie Howe’s Newcastle, who is currently stranded due to FFP regulations, is expected to raise as much money as possible to strengthen the midfielder and invest in strengthening the midfield.

So far, Newcastle’s targets have been Kalvin Phillips, Philippe Billing of AFC Bournemouth, Hayden Hackney of Middlesbrough, Ederson of Atalanta, Italy, and Lucas Beribal, a 17-year-old midfielder of Sweden’s Jurgodens IF.

However, “The Sun” said, “Newcastle eliminated all of those recruitment candidates and turned to Hoivier,” adding, “We are trying to loan Hoivier until the end of this season 마카오토토주소.”

If Tottenham can send Hoivier to Newcastle for a hefty rent or insert a complete transfer clause, the same can be applied to Gallagher. At the end of the transfer market, a large-scale movement can take place around the three clubs.

It is very encouraging news for Tottenham, considering that Hoivier has not been in the eyes of Postecoglou throughout this season and has been consistent with his replacement appearance.

However, considering that Hoivier had contact with non-Premier League clubs such as Juventus, Seville, Spain, and Bayern Munich, Germany, it is somewhat awkward for him to go to Newcastle. Hoivier could become a boomerang.

With the deadline for the transfer market approaching, attention is being paid to whether Newcastle and Tottenham will succeed in negotiations over the lease of Hoi Bierre, which will make everyone laugh.


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