Why Kim Min-jae is a key player in Bayern Munich… “Isn’t it Tuchel style?”

January 28, 2024 | by

Thomas Tuchel reportedly doesn’t like Matthijs Dericht. This explains why Kim Min-jae can play as a mainstay at Bayern Munich.

German media TZ reported that Tuchel has always been dissatisfied with Tuchel’s performance. The future of Tuchel is also uncertain. He played as the main defender under former coach Julian Nagelsmann, but he is having a hard time under Tuchel, adding that Tuchel is dissatisfied with Tuchel’s performance.

Tuchel wants a quick build-up from his center backs, but Dericht is not capable of meeting this demand. “Tuchel demands straight and fast build-ups from central defenders. However, Dericht has a problem in this regard. He put pressure on his teammates with poor passes in the match against Werder Bremen,” Dericht said, explaining that Dericht’s build-up capability is different from what Tuchel wants.

“Dayo Upamecano, Duricht’s colleague, and Kim Min-jae, who is currently participating in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup, have better fulfilled Tuchel’s demands,” the media said, adding that unlike Duricht, Upamecano and Kim Min-jae are players who can perform what Tuchel wants on the field.

Duricht’s style is different from that of Kim Min-jae and Upamecano. “Tuchel prefers defenders who can send the ball forward from his system. While Kim Min-jae and Upamecano can play this game, Duricht is a bit more of a traditional type of defender,” Germany’s Barbarian Football quoted TZ as saying.

In fact, Upamecano and Kim Min-jae are center backs who can deploy the ball at high speed from the back. In particular, in the case of Kim Min-jae, in addition to his wide defensive cover range, accurate tackle, and ability to compete, his ability to use both feet is also considered a strength. Since his time as Napoli, Kim Min-jae has shown his team not to slow down its attack tempo through long passes or one-touch passes going forward. 꽁머니지급

Tuchel highly evaluated Kim Min-jae’s ability and brought him in and immediately hired him as the main center back. Although Kim Min-jae was forced to play more games due to a series of injuries to his teammates, Kim Min-jae has played a lot since he joined Munich to the point where controversy arose over the situation. Since joining Munich, Kim Min-jae has been constantly playing with Tuchel’s trust.

As Kim Min-jae and Upamecano formed the main center back line, Duricht was naturally pushed out. Of course, it should be considered that Duricht has been injured since the beginning of the season, making it difficult to compete for the starting lineup, but even after Duricht was available, Tuchel still seems to believe in Kim Min-jae and Upamecano.

Referring to Duricht’s injury history, “Duricht’s fault is that he expected to return to the starting list immediately. Kim Min-jae and Upamecano proved that Duricht knew he needed it,” he said.

However, the media pointed out that it would be a mistake to sell Duricht, considering that Munich said it did not plan to recruit a defender, even if he does not currently use Duricht as a starter, it would be a bad choice to sell him right away.


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