Iraq-UAE eliminated, Asian Cup of all-time unexpected events… Can Korea overcome it

January 30, 2024 | by

The Asian Cup continues to have upsets.

First, Tajikistan and Bento’s UAE played in the second round of 16. Tajikistan’s FIFA ranking was 106th and this was the first Asian Cup to participate in. UAE was ranked 64th in FIFA and was a strong player who advanced to the semifinals at the Asian Cup.

When I played, the atmosphere was completely different. As Bento’s tactics were completely consumed by Tajikistan’s tactics, Bento’s build-up football was not implemented at all, but rather Tajikistan pushed and pressured.

The number of shots fired by both teams was similar at 16:18, but Tajikistan had two more on goal. Also, if the attackers missed easy chances and took them, they might not have gone to extra time.

Eventually, the two teams went into extra time and ended up in a penalty shootout, failing to see a game in extra time. UAE’s No. 2 kicker missed a match and secured a ticket to Tajikistan’s miracle quarterfinals.

An extraordinary event happened in the third match, which was played against Iraq and Jordan. Jordan was ranked 87th in the FIFA rankings and 63rd in the FIFA rankings. Iraq was expected to have a comfortable victory as it passed the group stage with three wins, defeating Japan.

Jordan scored the first goal. Al-Naimat scored the opening goal in 1 minute of extra time in the first half by displaying a tremendous dribble. However, Iraq did not collapse like this. At 23 minutes in the second half, Nagy showed a header of a huge RBI from a corner kick to make it 1-1.

Iraq then turned the game around 1-2 in the 30th minute of the second half when Hussein, who had been leading the scoring with five goals in this year’s event, scored a great volley shot through the cross. However, a variable occurred here. Hussein ran around the track half-way through goal ceremony and had to sit on the ground and eat grass. When the referee saw him, he gave Hussein a yellow card, which was already there, and he was eventually sent off due to accumulation of warnings.

Jordan pushed hard toward Iraq, which lacked one player. Jordan continued to beat the team, and eventually scored an equalizer and a come-from-behind goal at the fourth and sixth minutes of extra time in the second half to secure a 3-2 come-from-behind victory against Tajikistan in the quarterfinals. 마카오카지노도메인

Underdogs launched a rebellion in the previous two matches. Now, Korea is battered. Korea is ranked 23rd in FIFA rankings and 56th in Saudi Arabia. There is a 33rd gap. Korea has led the previous three friendly matches with two wins and one draw, but when they faced off in the Asian Cup, Korea had never won a match with three draws and one loss.

The previous two games showed that the ball is round. Now, Korea has to see if it can overcome the situation.


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