Is he a fighter? Punching his opponent in the face! Violence in the U18 match against Manchester United-Liverpool… Punching player ‘No card.’

February 3, 2024 | by

Unbelievable violence broke out in a match between Manchester United, a prestigious English Premier League club, and Liverpool’s U18 team. Liverpool’s Luca Funnel-Gil punched Manchester United in the face. However, no warning or sending-off measures were given in the worst case of violence.

The match between Manchester United and Liverpool in the 14th round of the 2023-2024 English U18 Premier League held in Carrington, Manchester, England on the 31st of last month (Korea time). During the match, Liverpool defender Purnell-Gil threw a punch in the face of Manchester United striker Whitley. When Whitley tried to break through in a counterattack, Purnell-Gil threw a fist.

It was a highly deliberate foul that should have been sent off. However, the referee did not seem to have seen the situation and let it slide. He did not give any yellow cards, let alone red cards. Whitley and Manchester United players protested, but their complaints were not accepted. The game got rougher afterwards, and Purnell-Gil once again hit Whitley with his elbow, sparking controversy. Despite continued rough play, Purnell-Gil was not sent off.

There is a lot of criticism about Purnell-Gil, who played rough after the game. There are a series of malicious comments on social networking services (SNS). The video of the fist-bumped face was released, shocking. The opinion that disciplinary action should be taken after the game was raised. 

In the match, Manchester United won 4-3. They finished the first half 1-2 but turned the game around in the second half. They scored three goals early and mid-half of the second half to defeat Liverpool, which recovered one goal in the extra time of the second half. With this victory, they have led the northern region with 42 points as they have won 14 consecutive games this season. They have scored a whopping 46 goals in 14 games and have only allowed 10 goals 월카지노도메인.

Liverpool lost to third place in the Northern League. It had six losses (eight wins) in this season, and now has 24 points. It lost two fewer matches to Manchester City (eight wins, one draw, three losses, 25 points). It lost not only to the result of the match but also to manners, thereby degrading its pride.


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