Greinke, 40, throws for ‘Mr. 3000’ in 2024 season?…Currently, he has 2979 strikeouts

February 6, 2024 | by

If you are a baseball fan, you will remember the movie Mr. 3000.

The plot is as follows

Stan Ross is a proud star player of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. After his 3,000th hit, he immediately retires. He is in the middle of a playoff race. His decision angered his teammates.

For nine years after his retirement, Ross makes his fortune using his nickname “Mr. 3000” as a business tool.

As attendance income declines, Milwaukee plans to hold a permanent cancellation ceremony for Ross at the stadium to attract spectators. Many fans attend the event, but team members disapprove.

Ross, however, learned that the record holder made a mistake that it was 2,997 hits, not 3,000 hits. This could hamper his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. His marketing strategy for “Mr. 3000” will also be disrupted.

Then, Ross makes three hits at the age of 47 and decides to return to stock. Milwaukee’s top management agrees to bring Ross back during the September roster expansion, noting that the team is out of playoff contention. In response, the team’s young players strongly oppose it. Even arrogant and arrogant team superstar Rex, like Ross, claims that “Ross is too old.” The manager never says a word to Ross, and local sports reporters criticize him at every opportunity.

After his return, Ross went 0-for-27 with no hit. Then one day, he added two more hits, including a home run, to 2,999.

At this point, Ross becomes a mentor to young players. He urges them not to become team players, not individuals, and not to be alone like him. It inspired Milwaukee to finish well in the second half of the season.

Ross finally gets his chance to get his 3,000th hit in his final at-bat of the season. Ross, however, takes a sacrifice bunt for Milwaukee’s victory. Although he did not reach the 3000 hit milestone, his sacrifice spirit and changed attitude led to his induction into the Hall of Fame.

A true retiree, he changes the company’s name to “Mr. 2999” and drives an ice cream truck with the slogan “2999 Possible Combinations!”

40-year-old “freak pitcher” Jack Greinke is known to have expressed his willingness to play in 2024.

Ken Rosenthal of the U.S. media The Athletic said on the 5th (local time) that Greinke wants to extend his active duty in the 2024 season.

Currently as an FA, he has yet to find a team. Given his advanced age, he pitched in 30 games and played 14 1/3 innings with the Kansas City Royals last year, recording 2 wins, 15 losses and an ERA of 5.06.

He will be unable to play for the Kansas City Royals again. Kansas City has already hired two starters, Seth Lugo and Michael Waka, to complete the rotation.

Some say that Greinke showed his willingness to extend his active duty because he is on the verge of achieving the 3,000 strikeout record.

So far, he has recorded 2,979 dislocations. He has only 21 left.

Only 19 pitchers have struck out 3,000 in the Major League 라바카지노도메인.

Grayinky can enter the Hall of Fame without having to set a record of 3.000 strikeouts.

Still, maybe the reason why he keeps throwing is because he wants to be “Mr. 3000” like Ross in the movie?


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