“I’ll let you meet Sonny next time!” Manager Postecoglou promised with a 9-year-old cancer fighting fan

February 6, 2024 | by

Coach Enze Postecoglou promised a young boy fan to meet Son Heung-min.

Britain’s “TNT Sports” released an interview with Freddie, a 9-year-old Tottenham Hotspur fan, on its official YouTube channel on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time). The media introduced, “Freddie was recently diagnosed with cancer, but he sits down with Postecoglou to discuss Tottenham’s management and dreams of winning the Premier League.”

According to her mother in the video, Freddie was a boy who loved soccer very much. Her mother said, “Freddie loved soccer so much. He used to go out and play soccer every day. But now, he cannot. It is because his disease has rapidly worsened. He may not even be able to play soccer at all.”

Freddie introduced himself, saying, “I’m 9 years old, and my favorite soccer team is Tottenham. My grandfather watched the game, and I fell in love right away.”

He asked Postecoglou various questions. Among them, he asked, “If you had money, what kind of player would you like to buy?” To this, Postecoglou replied with a smile, “This is a very difficult question, but actually, I love the players in the squad so much. I like to be with Son Heung-min, Romero, and Vickirao.”

On the contrary, Postecoglou asked, “Who do you like the most among the players you are playing right now?” To which Freddie replied, “You’re shooting?” When asked about his favorite points, Freddie replied, “Because he’s a nice player and really scores goals 월카지노도메인.”

Postecoglou sympathized with the response. He said, “Your answer is so perfect. You started by saying that Son Heung-min is kind. It shows that he is such a great person. And he is such a good person. You are right. He is a great person before he is a great soccer player.”

He even promised that he would let Son meet him. At the end of the interview, Postecoglou gave Fred a big hug, saying, “Let’s meet Sonny next time. I promise you 100 percent.”

Freddie said, “Yeah.” Postecoglou said, “I’ll call Sonny right away so he can keep his promise. Okay? Take care.”


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