Conte, who was dismissed after “Tottenham’s criticism,” confessed too honestly that he “doesn’t regret it” after a year

February 15, 2024 | by

Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte did not regret the past of criticizing the club.

In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph on the 14th (Korea time), Conte said, “Honestly, I don’t regret that. I have a good feeling about Tottenham right now. I have this experience in my heart.”

Conte arrived at Tottenham during the 2021-2022 season. He quickly reformed the team that had been consistent with the worst performance under Nunu Santo, and ultimately secured a berth in the UEFA Champions League. By maximizing Son’s use at the time, he became the top scorer of the English Premier League.

However, the following season, he was criticized for focusing too much on Plan A. Despite the club’s full support, he sat down too much and consistently displayed a monotonous cross-oriented attack. As a result, he could not advance to the UCL by March when Conte played.

In this situation, Conte drew 3-3 with Southampton due to the lack of concentration in the second half, and later criticized Tottenham’s everything. “I only see 11 players playing for me now,” he said, pointing out that the players do not play as a single team, as well as directly hitting the club’s leadership by saying, “The club is responsible for the transfer market” or “Tottenham has had its owner for 20 years and got nothing.”

Conte was eventually dismissed in the form of terminating his mutual contract with the club. Conte left Tottenham on March 27, 2022. Tottenham failed to advance to the European competition after a skit of appointing Christian Stellini, Conte’s henchman, as the acting coach, and replacing him as well as Ryan Mason as the acting coach. 꽁머니지급

When asked if he was being too honest, Conte said in person that he had no regrets about the interview. When asked if he was being too honest, he said, “It’s always like this. I hate lies. It could help or hurt me. Still, I would rather remain silent than tell a good lie.”

The same applies when managing players at Tottenham. Conte said, “During the season, I need honest conversations, whether positive or negative. When I was a player, some managers told white lies to reassure me, but I don’t want this situation.” Conte affirmed his methodology, saying, “Honest conversations help players appreciate the coach. Players first get angry, but then they appreciate his honesty.”

Conte has been taking a break for nearly a year since leaving Tottenham. Although many destinations including the Italian national team and Saudi Arabia were mentioned, Conte focused on spending time with his family by visiting his parents instead of prioritizing his appointment.


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