Director Lee Bum-ho’s prayer, “I hope Kim Do-young can play in the opening game.”

February 20, 2024 | by

“I’m praying that I can start the opening.”

KIA manager Lee Bum-ho is organizing his day these days and praying for the team to do well.

There is one thing that you never miss, although there are many thoughts. I sincerely hope that Kim Do-young, who is rehabilitating from her injury, will be able to play from the opening game 꽁머니.

“The big difference is whether Kim can play from the opening game or not. I’m praying that I can play from the opening game. I’m thinking positively because hope is growing cautiously,” Lee said.

Kim Do-young suffered a finger injury at the APBC, where she represented the national team last year. During head-first sliding in the final match against Japan, she suffered a ruptured ligament and fractured injury.

It was predicted that the rehabilitation period alone would take four months. At that time, Kim Do-young’s new season seemed to be difficult to be with the team.

However, things are changing little by little. This is because Kim Do-young’s rehabilitation speed is very fast.

Before leaving the spring camp, he was diagnosed as “almost recovered” at the examination, and moved to a warm place to accelerate his rehabilitation.

On the 17th, he also started batting for the first time since his injury. It was very encouraging that he was able to hold the bat and hit the ball, even though he is only playing T-bats now.

At this pace, the team is cautiously expected to be able to stage matches in the middle and second half of the exhibition games. It can be said that Lee’s prayer is taking effect little by little.

With and without Kim Do-young is a huge difference. If Kim Do-young enters the KIA lineup, KIA will be able to secure a table setter that no team is envious of.

With Park Chan-ho and Choi Won-jun, you will get the opportunity to use the three evenly.

The ideal lineup is for Park Chan-ho to be placed at No. 9, and Choi Won-joon and Kim Do-young at No. 2. If so, the trio who can aim for 40 steals can be placed at No. 9-1-2.

Notably, Kim Do-young also has long hitting power. She also has punch power that can be expected to garner 20 or more home runs.

The biggest advantage is that you can quickly shake the opponent and collapse from the beginning with a long shot. If Kim Do-young can be used, the KIA Tigers’ lineup will be able to form another chance maker combination with a powerful central lineup.

Kim Do-young was often injured. He has never played full-time games in Brazil. However, he has already proven that he is an outstanding player with natural talent. As long as he is not sick, he can contribute greatly to his team’s batting lineup.

Of course, director Lee Bum-ho is not just waiting for Kim Do-young. It is also preparing for the possibility that Kim Do-young will not be able to join from the beginning.

“We are putting a lot of effort into young backup agents such as Park Min and Byun Woo-hyuk. Even if Kim Do-young is not able to play in the opening game, he should develop the power to minimize the gap. He also keeps in mind that Kim Do-young may not have good pace due to poor sense of play in the real game. We are looking for various ways to cope with the situation,” he said.

Will Kim Do-young be able to respond to Lee’s prayer? A quick recovery should be the top priority, but it is also important not to get hurt anymore. The coach’s prayer is all the more urgent.


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