“Mini camp of 500,000 won per day → 200 cups of bubble tea.” Kim Kwang-hyun also took care of his junior’s love and the Futures team

February 29, 2024 | by

SSG Landers franchise star Kim Kwang-hyun (36) once again opened his wallet for his teammates.

SSG defeated the Lions 12-3 in a practice match held at Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium in Taiwan on Wednesday. Kim Kwang-hyun was not seen at the game. Along with Lee Kun-wook, Song Young-jin, Baek Seung-gun, Choi Min-joon, Cho Byung-hyun, Lee Woon, Robert Duggar and Roenis Elias, Kim headed to Nanhua University Baseball Stadium in Darlinghyang, Zai Prefecture, Taiwan, where the Futures team is training. Kim Kwang-hyun, who is scheduled to take the mound at the match against the Fubang Guardians on March 1, got together with the Futures players and checked his physical condition through training.

On the 28th, when the day was especially hot unlike the previous day when the wind was blowing and cool, Futures players were able to cool off a little with cool bubble tea. Kim Kwang-hyun gave 100 bubble tea cups to the first team players, coaches, and officials who helped the club the day before, and the Futures team also gave 100 bubble tea cups.

Naturally, the reaction was good. The stadium where the 1st tier team played was relatively quiet in downtown Tainan, but it was difficult to source snacks for the Futures team as it stayed in a quiet place. Thanks to this, the 1st tier team and the Futures team teamed up to win two consecutive exhibition games. Through two practice games, SSG coach Lee Sung-yong said, “I was worried about the players’ conditions due to the time difference, but I felt nervous. The players did better than I expected. In particular, I got the impression that the Futures players made good preparations. I think this is all thanks to the Futures team’s well-preparedness. I hope that the cooperation and communication system with the Futures team will be established and maintained as it is now.”

Kim Kwang-hyun is a franchise star who has played only at SSG in Korea since he was drafted by SK (currently SSG) as the first KBO rookie draft pick in 2007. After being the youngest in the pitching group for several years, Kim has become an old player with many juniors and is closely watching the entire squad.

This is not the first time Kim has been in love with juniors. In January, he left for a mini camp in Okinawa, Japan with juniors including Oh Won-seok, Lee Woon, Shin Heon-min, Baek Seung-gun and Lee Ki-soon. At the request of the team, Yoo Jae-min, the training coach, also improved the quality of the training, and Kim paid for all the expenses such as lodging and meals. According to Oh, he did not spare his support so that juniors could eat and exercise as much as they wanted, with only 500,000 won (approx.

The members of the mini-camp had nothing to do with Kim’s intention. “It is known that I personally picked the players that I would go with, but it is not true. I asked my juniors to come with the ones who were not uncomfortable and who were like each other, and they picked the ones who would go with me. If they feel uncomfortable with me, I feel uncomfortable and more nervous. So I wanted them to be on their own.”

The junior players displayed good pitching throughout the camp, receiving positive reviews throughout the camp. After being named MVP of Florida’s first camp pitching group, Lee pitched in a critical condition at a practice game on Wednesday, and allowed no run in the first ⅓. Shin and Baek also allowed no run in the first inning at a practice game on Wednesday.

Although Oh was scheduled to throw 50 pitches in the match on Friday, he managed to keep two scoreless innings after 30 pitches. He showed off his good condition by throwing balls up to 147 kilometers per hour, and the SSG got off Oh early as it decided it didn’t need to see him anymore. “I could tell at a glance that Oh has thrown a lot of balls since camp and has been building his body well. I don’t think he will throw any more balls in Taiwan. I think we will see Oh take the mound when the exhibition game starts,” said an SSG official. 업소알바

As a senior player, Kim couldn’t hide his satisfaction toward his juniors. “Won-seok is doing well,” Kim said. “I don’t know how my performance will be, but I’m sure my performance has improved compared to the previous year. My strength has improved and I think my visit to the APBC (Asian Baseball Championship) last year helped me a lot.”

“International competitions are a great help to players. That’s why I hope many Korean national team players will join our team. Ji-hoon had a hard time participating in three competitions last year, but it will get better and so will Sung-han Park. I heard there are good pitchers in the Futures League, so I’m looking forward to it. I think I just need to do well.”


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