Will Barcelona ‘Shock’ Decide… Considering Selling ‘Core’ to Lead in the Future

March 6, 2024 | by

It is predicted that Barcelona, which is suffering from financial difficulties, may consider selling midfielder Pedri (21, Spain) during the transfer market this summer. Since Pedri joined the club, he has been so active that he has been supported by fans that he has been called the “second Iniesta” and is truly a “shock” considering that he is a key resource to lead the future.

According to Spanish media As on the 6th (Korea time), Barcelona is currently considering selling Pedri. Considering that Pedri has previously been evaluated as a key resource to take charge of Barcelona’s future and is fully supported by fans, it can be a “shocking” decision. However, it is analyzed that Barcelona, which is suffering from financial difficulties, is inevitably worried because Pedri is injured more often and the time to leave if he is injured is prolonged.

“Barcelona has been sidelined for about 50 percent of all games over the past three seasons due to frequent injuries, especially at the end of the season,” As said. “If this continues, Barcelona will find a solution and is currently considering several options. Selling Pedri is also one of the considerations.”

In fact, Barcelona is still having a hard time due to financial problems. In the midst of this, Pedri’s high weekly wage, which continues to leave due to injury, is a burdensome situation. Barcelona extended his five-year contract with Pedri in October 2021, and at that time, he signed a contract under the condition of significantly increasing his weekly salary and bonuses. According to the actual soccer club’s financial statistics media Carpology, Pedri’s current weekly salary amounts to 180,000 euros (about 260 million won). It is the ninth highest in Barcelona. 핑크알바

Pedri is a Spanish midfielder who boasts outstanding de-pressure skills, stable passing skills, and brilliant movement. He is also active and has versatility to play in any position. Having joined the Barcelona team in 2019, he has played a total of 132 matches (18 goals, 12 assists) for Barcelona since his loan at Las Palmas. During this period, he won one Spanish Primera Liga, one Copa del Rey (King’s Cup), and one Supercopa de Espana.

Pedri, however, suffered injuries every season except for the first season, and became a “glass body.” In fact, he had a hamstring injury in just two games after the opening of the 2021-2022 season, leaving a whopping 113 days and a recurrence of hamstring injuries in the second half of the 2021-2022 season, putting him on the injured list for 77 days. It is no exaggeration to say that he effectively wasted one season.

Pedri had a hard time due to injury last season as well. He had a muscle injury for 64 days from February last year and a hamstring injury for 46 days from May this season. He left the club after just three games due to a hamstring injury, but suffered another hamstring injury recently. Currently, he is in an “opaque” condition.


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