“Back spasms” Kim Ha-sung confirmed an unusual three-day break, team special management begins… Go Woo-seok gave no run in one inning

March 7, 2024 | by

He also beats his stone legs and walks past carefully. The San Diego Padres are not giving any room for Kim Ha-sung’s physical condition. Though not intended, Kim Ha-sung will have a three-day rest.

Kim Ha-sung was excluded from the starting lineup in the Major League Baseball exhibition game against the Cincinnati Reds held at Peoria Stadium in Peoria, Arizona. He was excluded from the away game against the Arizona Diamondbacks the previous day (6th). He was excluded from the starting lineup for two consecutive games.

Kim was expected to return to the starting lineup as it will be held at his home stadium on the day. However, Kim Ha-sung did not show up again on the day. Xander Bogaerts, who had to exchange positions with Kim Ha-sung, started the game as a shortstop, not as a second baseman.

The “San Diego Union-Tribune” explained the reason for Kim Ha-sung’s exclusion. The media confirmed through multiple sources that Kim Ha-sung developed back spasms during training Tuesday morning (6th Korean time) and will take a break to avoid making the situation serious. These sources explained that the reason behind Kim Ha-sung’s decision to rest was “preventing and preventing.”

The media said, “Kim Ha-sung did not attend the training session on the 7th, but it is said that his pain will virtually disappear by the night. As expected, he will likely play against the San Francisco Giants on the 9th.”

In addition, San Diego does not have a match on the 8th. There is no training schedule either. For Kim Ha-sung, he will take a three-day break.

According to the media, the club did not mention Kim Ha-sung’s absence in particular. However, even a slight injury, the club reacted sensitively and is taking special care of Kim Ha-sung. This shows his status in the team.

Coach Mike Shildt said ahead of Sunday’s game, “Kim Ha-sung will need another day, so Bogaerts will move to shortstop and play. It would be a good opportunity to play like this today. He is a backup shortstop today.” 유흥알바

“It is unprecedented for a regular player to take three consecutive days of rest for no reason during the spring training period. However, the San Diego Padres planned to move Bogaerts to shortstop to play,” the media said, explaining Kim’s absence.

If Kim Ha-sung’s back spasms improve and he is included in the starting lineup for the game on the 9th, a showdown with Lee Jung-hoo is waiting.

Meanwhile, without Kim Ha-sung, San Diego lost to Cincinnati 2-6. Ko took the mound in the top of the seventh inning. He caught Spencer Steer on a fly ball to left field and got a double to left field by Hernan Perez. However, he struck out P.J. Higgins and Tyler Stephenson induced a groundout to the third baseman to block the first inning without allowing a run.

Ko Woo-suk posted an ERA of 3.00 with four hits, one walk and four strikeouts in three innings. In his debut match against Oakland on the 1st, he recorded one hit, two strikeouts and no runs in one inning, but he was severely beaten by two hits, one walk, one strikeout and one run in one inning against Seattle on the 4th. And on the day, he continued to pitch without losing any runs, and found stability.


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