“Changwon NC Park, it’s an ML-class stadium.” Dinosaurs who are very satisfied first starter vs. “Think it’s Masan Baseball Stadium, not NC Park.” 4th batter mind control

March 9, 2024 | by

NC Dinos held its own Cheongbaek match at Changwon NC Park on the 8th.  NC Dinosaurs said on Tuesday, “The N-team won 15-0 in the Cheongbaek match held at Changwon NC Park. The Cheongbaek match lasted until the top of the ninth inning, and the match was held in accordance with circumstances, including rollovers and replacement of the lineup as a practice match.”  The N team is Daniel Castano, the starting pitcher, Kim Soo-yoon, the first batter, Kim Soo-yoon, the second batter, Choi Jung-won, the third batter, the left fielder Park Han-gyeol, the third batter, the fourth designated hitter Choi Woo-jae, the fifth batter, the right fielder Song Seung-hwan, the sixth batter, the catcher An Jung-yeol, the seventh batter, the center fielder Park Young-bin, the eighth batter, the third baseman Kim Han-byul, the ninth batter, and the shortstop Kim Taek-woo. The C team is the starting pitcher Mok Ji-hoon, the center fielder Ko Seung-wan, the second batter, right fielder Han Seok-hyun, the third baseman Yoon Hyung-joon, the left fielder Kim Bum-joon, the fourth batter, the third baseman Han Jae-hwan, the sixth batter, the second baseman Cho Hyun-min, the seventh batter, Park In-woo, the seventh batter, the catcher Moon Sang-in, and the ninth batter Park Si-won.  Choi Woo-jae performed the best in the N team by posting three hits in three times at bat and three RBIs (one double and one triple). Castano gave up one hit, four strikeouts and no runs in three innings. He posted a maximum of 147 kilometers and recorded 32 pitches.  Castano said, “When I arrived in Korea, 룸알바 I was worried about a lot with the time difference, but I am happy that the pitching result was good. I thought the importance of my fastball in the KBO league was great. I tried to throw my fastball aggressively in today’s game and I also threw it because I was careful about the control of my fastball. I have to keep adapting, but I am satisfied that Changwon NC Park, my home stadium, is an MLB-class stadium. There was no problem with ABS for today’s game. I think it’s good for a pitcher because a clear decision comes out. I will try to prepare according to my schedule and make good results,” he said. Choi Woo-jae said, “I prepared for today’s game at my own pace while playing CAMP 2 in Masan. I’m glad the results are good. During CAMP 2, I have been continuously practicing the parts that I prepared for in the hitting aspect with coach Cho Young-hoon, and I thought this was Masan Baseball Stadium, not NC Park. I thought it was the same environment. I had a lot of long shots in today’s game, but I think it came out naturally because I swung comfortably and was not conscious of the long shots. I think I showed what I prepared in today’s game, but I think I need to show good performance consistently. I’m not satisfied with just one game today. I’ll prepare slowly and well. I went to an exhibition game of N team last year, but I was too nervous and didn’t show good performance. I want to have a season where I don’t get nervous and have no regrets. If I have an exhibition game, the Futures League, and the opportunity to play for N team, I want to play as I think I do now.”


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