“Sigh as if the sky collapsed due to rain forecast.” Why is Hanwha obsessed with Ryu Hyun-jin’s appearance on the 12th

March 12, 2024 | by

With a little exaggeration, the entire Hanwha Eagles members are only looking at the sky with their burning hearts.

I keep refreshing my smartphone, but the weather forecast is not changing. The exhibition game between Hanwha and KIA scheduled to take place at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on June 12 starts at 1 p.m. Rain is forecast in Daejeon just in time.

There is only one reason why Hanwha does not want to rain on this day. This is because Ryu Hyun-jin, who is called the ace of the Republic of Korea beyond Hanwha, is scheduled to take the mound.

It’s not just about not being able to make its first debut to home fans. If he fails to take the mound on this day, his schedule will be pushed back one after another from the opening game.

Then, why do the Hanwha Eagles and Ryu Hyun-jin have been so desperate to take the mound on Wednesday? Since winning and losing are exhibition games that do not matter much, and his skills and performance have already been verified, one exhibition game can be easily overlooked. Ryu is at that level.

Why would Hanwha and Ryu Hyun-jin want to take the mound on the 12th.

The answer is to take the mound in the opening of the regular season and the opening game of the home game, as is well known. To play in both games, he must take the mound on the 12th.

Ryu will take four days off to take the mound as a starting pitcher and will take another four-day rest. Then, he can take just five days off and start the game against LG on Tuesday. After finishing the opening game, he will be able to take five days off again and play in the home opener as well.

If the game is canceled on the 12th due to rain, everything will fall apart.

If he could throw the ball on Friday, he might have been able to take four days off to meet the opening schedule even if he pushed himself a little bit. After playing in the Major League, Ryu is accustomed to taking the mound after four days off.

Unfortunately, however, Ryu will not have an exhibition game on Saturday. Even if he plays in an actual game on the day, taking the mound after four consecutive days of rest could be detrimental to Ryu. Playing in the opening game is not the issue, but displaying overwhelming pitching power in the opening game is important.

No matter how bad Ryu Hyun-jin is, he must throw at least two games in the exhibition game to enter the regular season.

The number of pitches scheduled for Thursday’s game will be around 65. If the number of pitches is increased to around 80, the number of pitches that he will be able to throw 90 to 100 pitches in the first game of a regular season. In order to solve the problem of increasing the number of pitches, he must take the mound twice in exhibition games. 업소알바

No matter how long Ryu Hyun-jin is, he cannot properly prepare for the regular season, especially the opening game.

Ryu Hyun-jin’s opening game and home opening game have special meanings.

Experts say that there is something more than the first game.

The opening game of the season is the first game that shows what I have prepared. There is more than just one win. If the opening game goes well, it can dominate the mood in the early days of the season. However, some say that if the opening game gets twisted, the season could get twisted.

The same applies to home opening matches. Incorporating a message of hope into home fans and failing to do so will greatly affect the mobilization of spectators thereafter.

Of course, Hanwha can see the effect of increasing its power just by joining Ryu Hyun-jin. It is true that there is an opportunity for players to be confident overall.

In order to raise this effect more dramatically, it can be said that Ryu Hyun-jin’s selection for the opening game is even more important. If Ryu Hyun-jin starts the season with a victory as the spearhead, Hanwha’s momentum can simply soar. In the opposite case, it is inevitable that the spirit will be lost.


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