英 Experts’ Shock Claims “Tottenham, There’s a Player More Important Than Captain Son Heung-min” Who the hell? “Postecoglou Leans Most”

March 14, 2024 | by

Is there any player more important than Son Heung-min in Tottenham at this time.

England’s TBR Football reported on the 13th (Korea time), “Chris Sutton claimed that Tottenham currently has two more important players than Son Heung-min.”

Son Heung-min is an indispensable player for Tottenham this season. Although he has been a key player for Tottenham for a long time, Son Heung-min, who is playing as a spearhead of offense this season for the first time since Harry Kane left, is unrivaled. He is also overwhelmingly No. 1 in the league with 22 attack points in his team.

However, there has been a claim that Tottenham has a more important player than Son Heung-min. Sutton, a striker who played for Blackburn, Chelsea and Celtic in the past, and now an expert on the BBC, a British public broadcaster, suggested that Son Heung-min is not the most important player in Tottenham.

TBR Football stated, ‘Sutton said Tottenham have more important players than Son. Son was named the man of the match after scoring one goal and two assists in the last match against Aston Villa. However, in order for Tottenham to fight valiantly at Villa Park, they had to press from high above, which forced Mickey Pantherpen and Cristian Romero to take on Ollie Watkins and Leon Bailey 2-2. That is why Sutton believes that the two players are more important than Son.’

Sutton said, “When you look at the way coach Enze Postecoglou has coached the team, the most important player for him is the center-back. Van der Pen and Romero rely on them the most because they have to deal with every situation. Van der Pen is the best recruit of the season, and he is a versatile player with great speed, ball handling, and tackle timing.”

“When people talk about Postecoglou’s team, they consider high risk and high line. That’s why everyone can talk about Son Heung-min and James Maddison, but they should be the center backs.”

In fact, Tottenham had a difficult time in the game while Panderpen was absent for a long time due to an injury against Chelsea in the 11th round. Although there were some solutions in the attack, Panderpen’s presence in the defense brought about a big change that could change Tottenham’s performance itself. Along with Panderpen’s performance, Romero also showed good concentration, and Tottenham was able to consistently and stably attack despite the high line. 고수익알바

TBR Football said, “Tottenham struggled without two players until November and December, and it could not effectively build the back.”

Recently, Tottenham’s voice of concern has grown as Panderpen has left due to injury again. Fortunately, Panderpen’s injury is not serious. However, if substitute Radu Dragushin does not play well, his longing for the precious player is expected to grow as much as Son Heung-min.


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