“Dynamic player, needed for SF.” Lee Jung-hoo, again Lee Jung-hoo… did not even debut, but he carried the fate of SF

March 15, 2024 | by

As he signed a huge contract, he has no choice but to have high expectations and a sense of responsibility to match the deal. Lee Jung-hoo (26), who signed a six-year, 113 million-dollar contract, will shoulder the fate of the San Francisco Giants this year.

The U.S. “Yahoo Sports” released a preview of this year’s event for five teams in the National League’s Western Division on Wednesday, citing hopeful and worst-case scenarios as well as players who will determine a team’s success or failure. When introducing San Francisco, the name of Lee Jung-hoo was mentioned. This can be interpreted as meaning that Lee Jung-hoo is carrying the fate of the team.

First of all, in the hopeful scenario, “In the Giants’ way, they found a magic to score enough to win 90 games with a batting lineup ranked in the top 10 in on-base percentage.” Jorge Soler gave the necessary victory and became the first batter to hit 30 home runs since Barry Bonds in 2004.

Then Lee Jung-hoo was mentioned. Media outlets said, “Lee is an elite table-setter for Solaire and Matt Chapman, and he rediscovers powerful hits in the course of a great season.” Expectations are high that Lee will prepare well at the leadoff spot and hit a lot of long balls.

As mentioned in the worst-case scenario, however, Lee Jung-hoo was a player who failed to make a soft landing in the Major League. Media outlets pointed out that “Lee struggled to adapt to the balls of Major League pitchers but could hardly support his central lineup.”

He also pointed out Lee Jung-hoo as the player who will determine the success or failure of the team. The media said, “The Giants did not successfully sign a contract with the free agent fielders, but they eventually recruited Lee Jung-hoo and formed a team.” “Lee Jung-hoo is a player who has a reputation for dynamic offense, and that’s what the Giants need. Although he can’t make it a home run team, Lee Jung-hoo took the leadoff position, and they potentially have a new catalyst for scoring,” he said. “Lee should play his part as an offensive spearhead and lead San Francisco’s lineup.”

As such, expectations for Lee Jung-hoo are extraordinary and high. The six-year, 113 million U.S. dollars that Lee signed is the fifth largest amount in the history of the San Francisco club. There was a sarcastic saying that Lee was overpaying, but he took time and effort to recruit Lee. He has strong faith in Lee.

The club’s trust was immediately conveyed to the public. Bob Melvin, the new manager of San Francisco this year, also helped Kim Ha-sung make a soft landing when he was the manager of the San Diego Padres. Melvin also announced that he would give consideration to Lee so that he could adapt more comfortably and give him the first batter and center fielder for the opening game.

In order to repay such trust, Lee quickly adapted. He is displaying robust hitting performance at exhibition games in the Major League. He has garnered 348 runs (eight hits at 23 times at bat) with one homer, three RBIs, four runs scored, and an OPS of 945, preparing for a soft landing in the Major League with monstrous adaptability.

Everyone recognized Lee Jung-hoo’s talent and was surprised by his quick adaptation. He is now mentioned as a candidate for the Rookie of the Year from the main character of the overpay controversy.

Major League Baseball’s official media introduced candidates for MVP, Cy Young Award, Rookie of the Year, and Coach of the Year awards in six Major League districts on the 13th (Korea time). In the National League West, Lee Jung-hoo was selected as a candidate for Rookie of the Year.

“San Francisco recruited many players this off-season, but Lee seems to be the player who can change the franchise the most,” said. “He is a fast and accurate batting player who fits perfectly into the home stadium (Oracle Park) and can spark a team.” He also highly praised Lee, saying, “He may become your favorite player before you realize it.”

On Wednesday, “Yahoo Sports” released the power rankings of teams with under 26 players. San Francisco ranked 24th overall, but Lee’s value was high. “Lee Jung-hoo is an attractive outlier along with Yoshinobu Yamamoto,” the media said. “Lee has already set huge records in overseas professional leagues and signed large-scale contracts. He is rated similar to top promising players, but since Lee’s annual value is close to 19 million dollars, he has higher expectations.”

“It remains to be seen how quickly Lee Jung-hoo’s batting skills work in the Major League, but if he gradually adapts, similar to his teammate Kim Ha-sung in Kiwoom, he can become one of the most balanced players in the Major League,” he said, adding, “It is optimistic in the long run, but it is still a mystery box in terms of overall influence as a major leaguer.” This means that an adaptation period may be needed.

This shows how much impact Lee Jung-hoo’s adaptation can have on San Francisco’s team. First of all, Lee Jung-hoo is showing perfect adaptability at exhibition games.

The team is also managing the situation in a special way. In an exhibition game against the Cincinnati Reds on Saturday, he started as the first center fielder and was replaced after one hit, one walk, and one point from one batter’s box. Usually, he is replaced after three at-bats in an exhibition game, but he was out after only two at-bats on the day. 고소득알바

“It was a bit tight at the back. It’s not a big problem,” Melvin said after the game. “I don’t have a game tomorrow (May 15), so I didn’t want to make him play anymore.” This means that he will manage the game for a long period of time without forcing himself to do so. It is also a management that superstars can afford.

Lee has a heavy and burdensome burden on his shoulder. However, as usual, Lee has overcome the burden he has placed on himself by taking responsibility. Will he be able to overcome the burden of leading his team again this time around and establish himself as a major leaguer.


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