“Let’s correct the mistake of missing KIM” Kim Min-jae, the target of Manchester United’s new owner?…”Will be the club’s best CB + will spend a large amount in the summer.”

March 20, 2024 | by

There is a clear reason to target Kim. What matters is the player’s will and the club’s persuasion.

Kim Min-jae is having the most difficult time since his recent transfer to Bayern Munich. The unexpected exclusion of the main player held Kim Min-jae back.

Until the beginning of the season, this situation was not expected. Due to frequent injuries to teammates Mathias Duricht and Dayot Upamecano, Kim Min-jae was the only one to lead the team’s defense, consistently keeping the starting list. Kim Min-jae had some disappointing games in the first half, but he consistently showed good performance and established himself as a solid starting player.

The problem was after the Asian Cup. Bayern hired Eric Dier from Tottenham to deal with Kim’s absence and defensive depth issues. Dier was widely expected to remain at the backup level of other defenders, including Kim Min-jae, when he joined the team. It was already an off-strength resource for Tottenham, and there was little expectation of its performance.

However, Dyer quickly melted into Bayern and received a lot of favorable reviews. German media, which had provided a cool-headed evaluation to Kim Min-jae, also poured out good reviews for Dyer. Since then, Kim Min-jae has started to lose ground as he has done well in matches involving Dyer and Derricht. Starting with the second leg of the round of 16 match against Lazio in the European Champions League, Kim Min-jae has been almost on the bench and has been pushed back from his starting position.

As Kim Min-jae, who had consistently been listed as a starter since entering Europe from Napoli last season, was pushed back from the starting lineup, there is news that other teams may be interested in Kim Min-jae immediately.

In particular, Manchester United, which strongly wanted Kim Min-jae, continues to claim that it can reach out again to make up for the mistake of failing to recruit Kim Min-jae last summer.

England’s Football Transfer reported Manchester United’s interest in recruiting Kim Min-jae, saying, “The owner of Jim Ratcliffe can fix Manchester United’s transfer mistakes with a new contract.”

“Kim arrived at Bayern with high expectations after establishing himself as the best defender in Europe last season, but Bayern’s lackluster performance this season means that he will not be able to perform at his best. Indeed, Tuchel’s style seems to make things worse,” the football transfer said.

“Manchester United have to fight back now. Kim Min-jae may leave the team instead of Derricht. Kim Min-jae is in his prime and will want to start, so he will have a chance to take him away from Bayern this summer. Manchester United showed keen interest last summer as well, but I remember that they were unable to bring him in due to financial fair play and lack of funds. This year, along with Ratcliffe’s investment, he will be able to spend heavily in the summer. In particular, defense is a key area in need of improvement.” 유흥알바

Football Transfer predicted that if Kim Min-jae joins Manchester United, he will surely become the club’s best center back, unlike the current situation where he is treated as three options in Bayern. Football Transfer said, “According to data expert SCI Sports, Manchester United is advised to bring Kim Min-jae. He will immediately become the club’s best center back in terms of ability, and he will be a better player than Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez.”

Since there is still a lot of time left until the summer transfer market, it is not certain how Kim Min-jae’s starting position will change until then. However, if Kim Min-jae waits only on the bench until just before the summer transfer market, there is a high possibility that he will plan to transfer.

Manchester United is considering a plan to make up for the disappointment of missing Kim Min-jae last summer. Attention is also focusing on whether Manchester United’s attention will be paid to Kim Min-jae’s situation once again.


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