Conte and Son Heung-min will also coach Kim Min-jae… “Munich’s new coach No. 1.”

March 21, 2024 | by

It may not be Xavi Alonso.

Bayern Munich’s search for managerial priority is changing. Italian media La Repubblica reported on the 20th (Korea Standard Time) that “Antonio Conte, not Alonso, is considered the first priority as the new Munich coach. If Conte comes to Munich, he can reunite with Harry Kane and Eric Dier after Tottenham.”

Conte is currently unemployed after being replaced as Tottenham manager in 2023. He has one of the most decorated coaches in the free agent market. He served as manager of Juventus, Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Tottenham as well as the Italian national team. For Tottenham, he led Son Heung-min and Kane.

However, the team failed to win the title that Tottenham wanted. Its leadership was also dealt a hard blow, attributing poor performance to players.

Initially, manager Alonso Leverkusen was mentioned as the top priority for the team. Leverkusen is a sensation this season. It beat Bayern Munich, which won the top spot in the German Bundesliga for 11 consecutive seasons, and is currently in the top spot.

He has not lost 36 consecutive games. In the German Bundesliga, he is overwhelmingly No. 1 with 22 wins and 4 draws. The gap with Munich, who is in second place, is 10 points wider.

Naturally, the value of Alonso, the head coach who leads Leverkusen, has risen significantly. Munich actively rushed in with several big clubs watching.

The German version of “Sky Sports” reported on the 5th that “Munich’s favorite person to replace Tuchel is Alonso. The two sides held a positive first meeting. Alonso is heading to Munich. He is highly likely to leave as Bayer 04 Leverkusen coach this summer.”

Munich announced its departure from Tuchel on its official website on Feb. 21. The club said it would stay with him until June this year and terminate the contract. In fact, he has been replaced. As the German team failed to win the Bundesliga title due to early elimination of the cup competition this season, the team tried to replace its coach.

Since then, it has been known that Alonso is Munich’s No. 1 recruitment coach. Munich moved quickly. It conducted an operation to bring in the head of the enemy. It also promised a huge salary to bring in Alonso.

On February 27, the British media “Mirror” said, “Munich is preparing to offer Alonso a contract worth 23 million euros a year. The amount is more than double the 11 million euros a year that Tuchel, who is currently leading the team, is paid. He is also the highest annual salary for a coach in the history of the German Bundesliga.”

He is paid 6 million euros a year by Leverkusen. If the 23-million-euro deal is signed with Munich, he will be the world’s second-highest paid leader after Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone. Simeone’s annual salary is 34 million euros. 밤알바

Munich recruited Kim Min-jae and Kane in the transfer market last summer, but currently has no title. Attention is focusing on who Munich will appoint among Alonso and Conte, who will be the next manager, as it is trying to create a new game by replacing the coach.


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