“Goodbye Lee Kang-in” Mbappe’s annual salary fell 80% to an all-time high… 190 billion → 36.2 billion, did you hate PSG so much

March 22, 2024 | by

Kylian Mbappe decided on a huge pay cut to go to Real Madrid.

European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano delivered the latest news on the negotiations between Mbappe and Real through his personal SNS on the 21st (Korea Standard Time).

“The negotiations between Mbappe and Real are progressing well. Everything is moving in the same direction. We just have to wait to sign the final contract. Real and Mbappe will be in the final stage as soon as possible. The dialogue is positive.” 룸알바

He then mentioned the details of Mbappe’s contract with Real. “Real and Mbappe have agreed to earn a salary that is comparable to their previous highest paid players, Jude Bellingham or Vinicius. Instead, Mbappe will receive a signing bonus, which is expected to exceed 100 million euros (W144.9 billion). Real will pay the sum for five years. Talks are being conducted with important negotiations over the right to portrait. Mbappe is not negotiating with any club except Real,” he added.

Interestingly, on the same day, France’s L’Equipe revealed its nine players with the highest basic salary in the top five European leagues. Mbappe was earning 6 million euros (about W8.7 billion) in salary alone. In terms of salary, it was a whopping 72 million euros (about W104.3 billion). That’s not the end of it. PSG is reportedly paying Mbappe 60 million euros (about W87 billion) as a bonus alone. It is the best contract in Europe, with a base salary and bonus combined.

However, Mbappe’s salary has plummeted as he wants to move to Real rather than PSG. Bellingham and Vinicius are currently paid at around 25 million euros, including basic salary and bonuses. This is only around 20 percent of what Mbappe is currently receiving.

Mbappe had already refused a huge salary from Saudi Arabia, but he made another great decision to go to Real. Real maintained that it would not break the existing salary system by bringing in Mbappe.

Instead, Real plans to pay Mbappe as a signing bonus because he does not need a transfer fee to sign him. Romano stated that the deal is worth more than 100 million euros, but some media outlets predict that the signing bonus will reach 150 million euros (W217.3 billion). No player in European soccer history has received such a large down payment.

Now, the two sides are expected to complete all negotiations after completing the portrait rights contract. Real reportedly plans to make some concessions in the portrait rights contract, knowing that Mbappe is making an all-time pay cut. There is not much time left until the transfer of the century takes place.


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