4 runs in the 8th inning → 6 runs in 6 ⅓ innings ‘horror show’… Ko Woo-seok’s challenge, there is still hope

March 23, 2024 | by

The bullpen, which had been unstable for two days, also has a chance for the KBO League’s save king.

The San Diego Padres announced on Tuesday the roster of 26 players for the Seoul Series. Ko was absent from the list.

The result was even more shocking because it was the “Seoul Series.” A total of 31 players participated in the Seoul Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Five players were not included in the opening game entry list. 여우알바

Since joining LG in 2017, Ko has made 139 saves in his career until last year. Notably, he recorded 42 saves in 2022 to become the “save king.”

Ahead of this season, Ko signed a two-plus-one-year contract with San Diego for up to 9.4 million dollars. As it was not a large amount of money, it was difficult to secure a position for sure. To make matters worse, he did not look good in exhibition games.

He was sluggish with six runs in four ⅓ in five exhibition games. The decisive hit was a special match against the LG Twins at Gocheok Dome on the 18th. Ko Woo-suk, who met his “friendship,” gave two hits and two runs during one inning, including a home run hit by Lee Jae-won.

In the end, San Diego decided that it needed time to adapt to Ko. “It is a difficult decision to exclude Ko from the Seoul Series roster,” Silt said. “I had no choice but to get off the mound while watching the bullpen pitch. I believe the build-up has not been done enough yet. If the seasons continue, I think it will contribute a lot to our team.”

In addition, Shildt said, “I told him to keep working hard. Staff including me and my pitching coach said that we will need to adjust to the spring training first. There are improvements to be made. If he trains his pitching and raises his condition to the best of his ability, he will appear on the field.”

Ko said, “First of all, I will build up my body in Double A. As Triple A is such a ride and a pitcher, it was a decision that relieved the burden.

Although he did not take the mound in the Seoul Series, Ko Woo-suk is expected to have a chance. In particular, San Diego’s bullpen was shaken in both games of the Seoul Series.

In the first game on Tuesday, he gave four runs in the eighth inning alone, sweating profusely. There was bad luck with a hole in first baseman Jake Cronenworth’s glove, but overall, he failed to block the inning perfectly.

A slugging game unfolded on Tuesday. After starting pitcher Joe Musgrove left the mound after allowing five runs in two ⅔, Tom Cosgrove (one run in three ⅓ innings), King (three runs in three ⅔ innings), Yuki Matsui (no runs in three ⅔ innings), Steven Colleck (two runs in one ⅓ inning) and Luis Suarez (no runs in one ⅓) came in one after another. Although it was the beginning of the season and some games were played in unfamiliar countries such as Korea, if the current situation continues, Ko will have a chance.

Ko also said that he is not 100% sure yet. “I didn’t challenge myself unexpectedly, and I’m sorry, but I’m going to prepare well and come up well,” Ko said after his decision to go to the minor league. “I lack everything. I think there is something that I can improve in the future.”


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