“Lee Kang-in Teacher” Enrique’s tearfully sad story… how he memorializes his youngest daughter, who died of cancer

March 25, 2024 | by

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) director Luis Enrique has set up a charity to support children and their families suffering from severe illness.

For Enrique, Aug. 29 is an unforgettable day and may not want to think of it again. Enrique made the decision to unexpectedly drop the Spanish coach in June 2019. The Spanish Football Association said at the time that Enrique had resigned due to family reasons.

It turns out that Enrique’s youngest daughter, Sana Enrique, was suffering from bone cancer. Born in November 2009, Sana was much loved by Enrique. When she was the head coach of Barcelona, she often brought her to the Camp Nou, which is her home stadium. A cute Sana wearing a Barcelona uniform was also loved by Barcelona fans.

Sana was loved by many, but she passed away too early. She was diagnosed with bone cancer in March 2019, when she was 9. Enrique gave up his job in Spain to spend more time with Sana.

Despite Enrique’s paternity, Sana broke up with the world on Aug. 29, 2019. She left her 9-year-old daughter, whom she would never see hurt. Enrique came back to Spain after ending her breakup with Sana. Enrique recalls memories with Sana on Nov. 27, her youngest daughter’s birthday.

Enrique did not want others to experience his sad experience. In response, Enrique announced the establishment of the “SANA Foundation” on March 22 (Korea Standard Time) after his daughter. The SANA Foundation was established with the aim of providing comprehensive support and support to children, adolescents, and their families affected by oncological and other serious illnesses.

“We remember every day how lucky we were during the nine years of infinite happiness and enjoyment with Sana. We continue to see her photos, videos and memories every day because her energy still remains in the family,” Enrique said in a greeting. 업소알바

He continued, “We were fortunate to quit our jobs and be 100% committed to Sana. The Sana Foundation was created with the sole purpose of helping all those who have unfortunately gone through this experience and do not have the resources to accompany their children. We want to help these families and accompany them,” explaining why the foundation was established. Enrique’s warm heart will be a light for young children and their families who are going through a hard time.


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