25 runs in 15 innings…I’m going to be the first one to be kicked out. Is ABS adaptation a problem

April 13, 2024 | by

Professional baseball SSG Landers foreign pitcher Duggar’s slump continues. Manager Lee Sung-yong said it was an adjustment period, but he was hit again. I think something needs to be done.

Duggar took the mound as a starting pitcher in the game against KT in Suwon on Wednesday, but failed to catch an out count and was substituted. He allowed four hits (one homer) and two walks, two strikeouts and four runs in an inning

In the first inning, he had Cheonseong-ho walk and Rojas Jr. hit to get on base. He grounded out Kang to the first baseman, making it one out and runners on the second and third bases. He allowed Moon Sang-cheol to have an infield single with an RBI. Afterwards, he struck out Jang Sung-woo and Lee Ho-yeon in succession.

However, he was hit hard as soon as he took the mound in the second inning. Ahn allowed an infield hit to shortstop, and when shortstop’s throwing error to the first base occurred, Ahn ran to the third base. Jung Joon-young walked and got on base with no outs and runners on the first and third bases. Kim Sang-soo hit a 144-km fastball to hit a three-run homer over the left fence. When the score was tied 0-4 in the beginning, the SSG bench immediately replaced Duggar. The number of pitches was 41.

He pitched in four games this season and allowed all the runs. That’s a lot, too. On March 26, his first game in the game against Hanwha Eagles in Incheon, he became a losing pitcher with four runs in five innings. He had a quality start by allowing three runs in six innings against Samsung in Daegu on March 31, and left the game without a win or loss.

At a match against NC in Changwon on Tuesday, Duggar was hit with 12 hits, four walks, four strikeouts and 14 runs (13 earned) during three innings. He allowed nine runs from the first inning, tying a disgraceful record for the most runs in a game in the KBO League history. He allowed four runs in one inning in his fourth game.

SSG coach Lee Soo-yong recently said it was a matter of adaptation to Duggar. Lee said, “First of all, I don’t think my confident pitching that I threw in the U.S. has come out yet. So, I think it should be seen as a period of adaptation. When a ball that you think is a strike is a ball in the ABS zone, the strike zone you throw tends to collapse in some ways. I think I’m thinking a lot about that.”

He seems to be confused by ABS rather than adapting to the unfamiliar environment of the KBO League and other hitters. Lee said, “The pitcher part and the power analysis team are constantly looking for the cause. We are studying a lot to upgrade the game. I think he felt that way.”

Being affected by the ABS zone, the team is losing ground in the count fight against batters. “I’m still thinking about how to use the strike zone by putting in strikes a bit aggressively,” Lee said, but the result turned out badly.

Duggar had a record of 15 wins and 22 losses with a 5.25 ERA in 75 Minor League games (339 ⅓ innings). Notably, Duggar ranked No. 1 in the Triple-A Pacific League last year with seven wins and 10 losses with a 4.31 ERA and 143 strikeouts. He did well in the Tagore/Tugger League. 여우알바

He was evaluated as a complete pitcher with a lot of experience in starting pitcher throwing fastballs, changeups, and curves, and recruited him for 900,000 dollars, but his performance in the early days of this season is the worst. He lost three games in four games, and his ERA jumped to 14.40.


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