Even Upamecano fell behind Kim Min-jae. → Munich also said, “KIM departure? Not a topic of discussion.”

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Kim Min-jae has not been able to start recently, but he is feeling comfortable in Bayern Munich and does not seem to have any plans to leave this summer.

“For the past few weeks, coach Thomas Tuchel’s preferred center-back combinations have been Matthijs the Licht and Eric Dier. Kim Min-jae and Dayo Upamecano have gone down to the bench. Upamecano has a chance to move this summer. He plans to hold discussions with the club’s board members to clearly understand his future,” German football broadcaster Wavarian reported on Wednesday.

“In the case of Kim Min-jae, I will stay in Munich and fight for the starting position. Although he has played less time recently, he still feels comfortable living in Munich. He will gladly make efforts to be reborn as a starting resource under the next head coach system. Even within Munich, Kim Min-jae’s transfer is not a topic of discussion at all,” he added.

Kim Min-jae has joined Napoli in Munich for the better part of this season. Kim Min-jae has had a busy period, having recently moved to two consecutive seasons. First, he left Beijing Guoan for Fenerbahce ahead of the 2021-22 season, making his first European appearance. Immediately after securing his starting position, he attracted the attention of many teams as he displayed outstanding performances.

One of them was Napoli. At the time, Napoli was looking for a replacement for Kalidou Koulibaly. Kim Min-jae was recruited. At first, there were doubts. Koulibaly was a top Serie A player who played as a key center back for Napoli for many years. This is because his replacement was Kim Min-jae, who had no big league experience in his second year in Europe.

However, Kim showed off his immense presence by dispelling such doubts. In the end, Napoli achieved the feat of winning the top spot in Serie A in Italy for the first time in 33 years since the 1989-90 season thanks to Kim’s performance. Kim also rose to the top spot in his debut season. The Serie A secretariat awarded Kim Min-jae, who showed great impact, the best defender award.

Naturally, its value soared. Big clubs’ interest continued. Manchester United was one of them, but the final winner was Munich. Munich needed to strengthen its central defense as Lugar Hernandez and Bangamain Pavard left. Kim Min-jae was brought in.

Kim Min-jae played as the starting center back for Munich throughout the first half. He played in almost every match as a pair with Dayo Upamecano. With The Licht injured, he did not have many resources available. Kim Min-jae played in all the competitions Munich took part in, including the German Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions League, and the DFB Pokal.

He was also criticized amid a tight race. German legend Lothar Mateusz said in late September, “Kim Min-jae is not up to what we expected him to be. He may remain an unstable factor in Munich’s defense. He needs to get used to the Bundesliga as soon as possible. There is nothing negative about recruiting Kim Min-jae, but it is still below expectations.” 업소알바

However, his position changed in the second half. Kim returned from participating in the Asian Cup, which opened in mid-January, and gave up the starting role to The Licht, who returned from injury, and Dyer, who joined the team in the winter transfer market. Prior to the game against Heidenheim, he sat on the bench for two consecutive league matches, and was banned.

In the match against Heidenheim, Tuchel gave Kim another chance to start. The result was not good. The start was not bad. Munich took the lead after Harry Kane and Serge Gnabry scored back-to-back goals in the first half. Thomas Müller, who received Kim’s pass, gave Gnabry the ball again in the process of the first goal, which led to Kane’s goal.

The second half was the worst. Kim gave up three runs in a row to Heidenheim, which collapsed. Kim could not be free from blame when he lost points. His partner Upamecano, who also played with Kim, also failed to show good performance, and the two players failed to display good teamwork despite consistent participation in the first half.

In the end, Kim received the worst rating. Germany’s Bild gave Kim a six-point rating right after the game ended. The existing rating system ranges from one to five, but the fact that Kim scored six means that the rating is lower than the previous lowest.

In addition, in the recent match against Cologne, Tuchel was lagging behind Uppamecano. At the time, Tuchel started with the combination of The Licht and Dyer. Then, he called in The Licht in the second half. At that time, Upamecano was chosen as the substitute, not Kim Min-jae.

These circumstances combined have raised the possibility of Kim Min-jae being transferred. Manchester United, which wanted Kim Min-jae last summer, and Inter Milan, which is currently leading Serie A players this season, have appeared as candidates for the destination. However, Kim Min-jae has no complaints about the current situation and seems ready to fight for the starting position again next season.


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