Bench clearing trigger? Hwang Sung-bin who excited Kelly, “The opposing pitcher looked at me and told me…”

April 19, 2024 | by

Professional baseball Lotte Giants Hwang Sung-bin took the lead in escaping eight consecutive losses as a table setter.

Hwang started as the second center fielder in a game against the LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Wednesday. He started in the game against the Hanwha Eagles on Thursday last week, and was included in the starting lineup again in exactly two weeks.

Before the game, manager Kim Tae-hyung said of changes in the batting lineup, “Right now, Min-seok (Kim) is not right and Dong-hee (Yoon) is not right. I should try (Hwang) Sung-bin, too.” Hwang contributed to his team’s 9-2 victory by making two hits and one base from five times at bat and scoring two runs. In particular, the highlight was the scene where he scored the first goal by catching the opponent off guard with his agile base running at the second base in the first inning.
After one out in the first inning, Hwang got on base with a hit to the right, and stole second base. When Reyes hit an infield single next to the second base, he ran from second base to third base like a shot home. Second baseman Shin Min-jae, who caught the ball, decided that the first base was late and threw it to third base thinking of an overrun, but Hwang ran home without hesitation. The third baseman caught the ball and threw it home, but Hwang was faster.

After one out in the third inning, he got on base with a hit to the right, and advanced to second base due to an error in the pitcher’s check ball. After the attack was over in the top of the third inning, players from both teams flocked to the stadium and cleared the bench as they argued with LG pitcher Kelly. When asked about this after the game, Hwang Sung-bin said, “The opposing pitcher looked at me and talked…. Can we not do it?” he said, saving his words and politely asking for his understanding.

Hwang hit a grounder to shortstop after a bunt foul with no outs and runners on the second base in the seventh inning when his team was leading 3-2. Shortstop Oh Ji-hwan made a catch error, perhaps because he was conscious of Hwang, who was fast-footed, or because he was conscious of the runner running at third base. Since then, Lotte has gained the upper hand by scoring six runs in the seventh inning.

After the match, Hwang said, “It’s tough. The longest losing streak has been the hardest part. I feel very good to be able to snap a losing streak before returning to Sajik Home in a match that I started for the first time in a long time today.”

He performed well on the day. Hwang said, “In the beginning, we always gave points first and followed and it ended. That’s why I focused more on getting on base in the beginning, and I think the result was good.”

He scored the first run through a stormy run at the second base in the first inning. He had a short infield hit and jumped home. “I just played by the coach’s signature. To be honest, I didn’t even check whether the opponent team’s second baseman made a catch or not, but just played by looking at his signature. This is the score that Coach Ko Young-min made,” Hwang said to third base running coach Ko Young-min.

When asked about his mindset before the game, Hwang Sung-bin, who started for the first time in a long time, said, “Honestly, no one started because they wanted to back up everything while playing baseball. I want to start as a starter, but while starting as a backup this season, the batting coach said, “Don’t let go of me because I can go anytime.” 노래방알바

In terms of batting, coaches helped me a lot even after the game at Sajik Home. I was able to get on base today because of the help of coach Kim Joo-chan and coach Lim Hoon,” he said.


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