186km/h → 170km → 164km/h, different dimensions Ohtani…Double-base hit 3 times, batting average – OPS No. 1 ‘Freak’

April 25, 2024 | by

Shohei Ohtani (30) of the Los Angeles Dodgers continued his hitting spree for nine consecutive games by hitting a double and three balls. He showed off his powerful performance for two consecutive days by batting 186 kilometers per hour, 170 kilometers per hour and 164 kilometers per hour.

Ohtani started the 2024 Major League Baseball away game against the Washington Nationals at Washington Nationals in Washington, D.C. on the 25th (Korea time), as the second designated hitter, and led the Dodgers to an 11-2 complete victory by making three hits, two RBIs, and two runs in six times at bat.

Having had hits in nine consecutive games since the game against the San Diego Padres on last Saturday, Ohtani’s batting average for this season has risen from 0.364 to 0.371 (39 hits in 105 times at bat). His OPS also increased from 1.107 to 1.128. He ranks first in all five major batting categories including batting average, hits, doubles, slugging percentage, and OPS.
Ohtani, who hit his sixth solo home run of the season to Matt Barnes in the ninth inning against Washington the previous day (14th), recorded his personal best batting speed (118.7 miles per hour – 191.0 kilometers per hour) since his big league debut in 2018, also fired a bullet from his first at-bat.

Facing Washington’s right-handed starter Jake Irvin, he swung at a cutter with a low first pitch at his first at bat in the first inning, but hit a four-seam fastball with a speed of 96.7 miles per hour (155.6 kilometers) per hour, which was high in the middle of the second pitch, and garnered a double that cut through the middle of the right-center field. His batting speed reached 115.6 miles (186.0 kilometers) per hour.

Ohtani, who was in the scoring position with his 12th double of the season, homered and scored the first run on Will Smith’s big hit.

With two outs and a runner on the first base in the second inning, he was out with a double play. He pulled the cutter towards his body for the third time, but it became a grounder to first baseman Trae Lipscomb. He hit a 3-6-3 double play to end the inning. It was his second double play of the season.

With two outs and a runner on first base in the fourth inning, Ohtani struck out a fly ball to center field on Irvin’s second pitch, but right-hander Derek Law struck out a swing and miss in the sixth inning. At the seventh pitch, the bat swung and missed a slider on his lower body.

However, with one out and a third base on the eighth inning, he pulled a four-seam fastball at 93.9 miles per hour that came into the outside of right-handed Tanner Rainey’s fourth pitch, and made a RBI single with a right line drive double. Again, he batted fast at 105.7 miles per hour (170.1 kilometers). He had his 15th RBI as his 13th double of this season. 토토사이트

He hit a home run-like ball at the last batter’s box with two outs and runners on the first and third bases in the ninth inning. He hit a four-seam fastball 149.3 kilometers per hour, which was high outside the left-center fence. He added another RBI as his third double in the game and his 14th this season. He had 16 RBIs in this season, and flew at an incredible speed at 101.9 miles per hour, which measured a driving distance of 386 feet (117.7 meters). It would have been a home run in five of the 30 stadiums.

The Dodgers in Gyeonggi Province exploded 16 hits to win 11-2 on the day, continuing its three-game winning streak. It has 15 wins and 11 losses in this season to rank No. 1 in the National League West.

Rookie right-hander Landon Nack, who was the starting pitcher, won his first game in six innings with three hits (one homer) and three walks and one strikeout, five strikeouts and two runs scored. In the lineup, Mookie Betts had four hits and two RBIs in six at-bats, Smith had four hits and one RBI in five at-bats, Andy Frazas had three hits and one RBI in five at-bats, including his second home run of the season, Max Muncy had two hits, one RBI and two walks in three at-bats, and Gavin Lux had two hits and two RBIs in five at-bats, combining 20 hits in the long run. Except for James Outman, who was silent with no hits in five at-bats, all eight starting batters recorded hits.

Having lost two games in a row, Washington now has 10 wins and 13 losses. Irwin lost his second game (one win) in the fourth ⅔ of the season as he was slugged with 12 hits, one walk, three strikeouts and six runs.


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