Jihyun Shin to BNK announces the nomination result for WKBL FA compensation player

April 25, 2024 | by

The Jihyun Shin is heading to BNK. Woori Bank nominated Han Um-ji and Kim Ye-jin, and Samsung Life Insurance nominated Kim Areum.

The FA recruitment club submitted a list of protected players by the 23rd, and the original club chose between compensation players and compensation until the 24th, and WKBL announced the results of the 2024 FA compensation player nomination on the 24th. 룸알바

The most noticeable reward player is Jihyun Shin. BNK brought Jihyun Shin from Hana One Q, which recruited Jinan. Jihyun Shin, who wore a Hana One Q uniform through the 2014 recruitment process, played for Hana One Q One Club until last season, and will transfer for the first time.

BNK sent Han Um-ji and Park Sung-jin to Woori and Shinhan, respectively, as compensation players for Park Hye-jin and Kim Sonia. Woori has recruited Lee Da-yeon from Shinhan and Kim Ye-jin from Kookmin Bank as compensation players for Choi Yi-sam and Na Yoon-jung.

Samsung Life Insurance has named Kim Areum as a compensation player for Shinseul. Park Hye-mi, who left for Woori Bank, will receive 70 million won as compensation, 100 percent of the down payment, instead of a compensation player. Kookmin Bank, where Shim Sung-young left for Woori Bank, named Kim Eun-sung.


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