“SON and Postecoglou were mixed!” Son Heung-min, what did you point out that he had to be strong?

April 30, 2024 | by

Captain Son Heung-min and manager Enze Postecoglou’s reaction was divided.

England’s Spurs Web reported on the 29th (Korea Standard Time) that “Son Heung-min does not seem to agree with Postecoglou’s opinion on Tottenham’s set piece.”
Tottenham lost 2-3 to Arsenal in the 35th round of the Premier League (EPL) in the 2023-2024 season at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 28th (Korea time).

Tottenham ended up losing two goals in set piece alone in the match on the day, collapsing to three goals in the first half. Despite Christian Romero’s pursuit goal in the middle of the second half and Son Heung-min’s penalty kick in the end of the second half, the team failed to recover all of its goals in the first half.

After the game, there were not a few criticisms about Tottenham’s set-piece defense. This season, Tottenham set-pieces have consistently allowed many runs. They allowed 13 runs out of all the runs in set-pieces.

Arsenal’s strategy of digging into this issue completely collapsed. Other teams, in particular, even introduced their own defense to check Ben White, who serves as a typical disruptor in Arsenal’s set piece attack, but Tottenham had little check on White.

However, Postecoglou disagreed with these arguments. “If we thought fixing set pieces was the solution to bridge the gap, we would have put all our time and effort into it. But that is not what we should do. Our set piece defense was also very poor, but there are many other things to fix,” he said, adding that set pieces were not the only problem.

However, captain Son countered by saying that he needs to make efforts on set pieces. “It is painful to concede such a goal in a game,” Son told British public broadcaster BBC after the match. “We have to be strong when we allow such a goal. We have to be strong in set pieces. Everyone has to step up. We have to practice set pieces, and we have to go again with strength,” Son said, expressing his argument quite different from Postecoglou’s response.

“Son Heung-min’s remarks came after Postecoglou dismissed the need to focus on set pieces because he has to spend time on his play style first,” Spursweb said, highlighting the mixed reactions between the coach and the captain.

However, for Tottenham, both Son Heung-min and Postecoglou’s captains need to be improved in order to overcome the crisis at the end of the season and have a better performance next season. 먹튀검증

He seems to have to improve in every aspect, from his concentration in the set piece, his tactics, and his better playing style.


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