No balls were off the infield, shut out six batters with 19 pitches, and a perfect debut with call-up Wausa in the minors

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Chicago Cubs left-hander Shota Imana (31) showed perfect pitching with three hits and no runs in seven innings against the New York Mets. With 87 pitches, he beat the New York Mets’ lineup to win five consecutive games since his debut game. He had five wins and no losses in six games in his first year in the Major League, with an ERA of 0.78. He is currently the best pitcher in the Major League. He ranks first in multiple wins and is the only pitcher with an ERA of 0.

Right-hander Yoshinobu Yamamoto (26) of the Los Angeles Dodgers. After a shocking setback in his Major League debut with the San Diego Padres, he continued his performance worthy of his reputation. He pitched in his seventh game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, and gave no run to five hits in six innings. After pitching four hits and no run in six innings against the Washington Nationals, he gave no run to the game for two consecutive games.

Detroit Tigers right-hander Kenta Maeda of Kenta Maeda earned his first win of the season by sacrificing himself to the St. Louis Cardinals. He led the team to a 4-1 victory by pitching four hits and one run in six innings. He missed the win despite throwing five scoreless innings in the previous game against the Cincinnati Reds, but secured the win in the sixth game.
Three Japanese pitchers won the game side by side on the 2nd (Korea time). It is said to be the first time that three players won on the same day in the Major League.

Naoyuki Wausawa (30) became the right-handed pitcher of the Boston Red Sox. He made his Major League debut as a relief pitcher. He allowed no runs in two innings.

In the game against the San Francisco Giants at Fanway Park in Boston on the 3rd, he became the fifth pitcher in the eighth inning when his team was losing 1-3, and blocked two innings until the ninth inning.

He batted second to fourth in the eighth inning and fifth to seventh in the ninth inning with consecutive errors. With 19 pitches, he struck out one and had six out counts.

He overwhelmed the opponent’s batters so that there were no balls outside the infield. He had good ball control and ball control. Fourteen of the 19 pitches were strikes. There was no confrontation with Lee Jung-hoo, who played as San Francisco’s first player.

Wausawa said, “I was so excited and nervous. I thought I would be nervous, but I really did. I had a great experience. I was very happy, but now

I’m at the starting line,” he said.

“I practiced throwing splitter into the strike zone a lot (in the minor league). I thought it would be difficult to win due to my own speed, so I threw another pitch as a game changer. The time I spent in the minor league was not wasted.”

Wausawa, a former starting pitcher for the Nippon-Ham Fighters, transferred to the Tampa Bay Rays through the posting system last winter. He signed a minor league contract on condition that he receive an annual salary of 2.5 million dollars when he was promoted to the Major League. He was sluggish in the Major League spring camp as an invited player. He lost one game in four exhibition games and had an ERA of 13.03. He was notified of the Minor League on March 22.

He moved to the Boston Red Sox at the end of last month and prepared for promotion from the Worcester Red Sox. He started against Durham on April 22, and allowed five hits and one run in five innings. He pitched four games and moved to the Major League. He called up the 토토사이트 Major League on April 29, but failed to take the mound.

All three Japanese pitchers who last moved to the U.S. this year after Wausawa took the mound in the Major League Baseball.


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