Jang Mi-guk, a 30-win pitcher of memories, nephew and grandson Jang In-hyuk plays baseball in Onyangjung

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Jang, who died in 2005 at the young age of 55, was the only player in the KBO League to have won 30 games in a single season.

Jang was a Korean-Japanese ace who appeared on the Sammi Superstars in the early 1980s when the KBO League was still not fully established between professionals and semi-professionals, and made fun of domestic hitters. The process of increasing the out count by seizing all the hitters’ moves was quite fascinating not only to fans but also to players at the time. Was his nickname “raccoon”? Starting with 30 wins in 1980, Jang struck out 541 in the KBO League with 55 wins, 79 losses, 18 saves and an ERA of 3.56 before his retirement in 1986. Although he threw for four years briefly, the number of innings he played was 1,043 and 1/3 innings, far exceeding his annual average of 250 innings.
Jang has his own brother who lives in Korea. It is Jang Jae-hyun. Unlike his younger brother who passed away at an early age, Jang Jae-hyun is still alive in good health in his hometown of Asan. Even when Jang visited Korea as a member of the Jeil school baseball team, he still remembers his meeting with his younger brother, who was not good at Korean. Rumor has it that Jang’s picture is plastered all over his family. The news that Jang Jae-hyun’s grandson also plays baseball was delivered to MHN Sports. The main character is Jang In-hyeok, a 15-year-old junior high school student. In other words, Jang In-hyeok is Jang’s nephew’s grandson.

Perhaps due to the blood of his uncle, Jang In-hyuk is 182cm tall and 76kg in good physique despite being still a junior high school student. He plays all outfield positions and first baseman at Onyang Middle School, and his team mainly plays third and fourth batters. His swing form is quite soft, and he has the advantage of knowing how to hit long balls well. 메이저사이트

Although he is the nephew’s grandson of Jang Mi-guk, he is said to have not yet encountered much about his uncle other than SNS or videos. However, it is rumored that he knows how great a player his uncle was indirectly through his grandfather.

If so, wouldn’t Jang In-hyuk himself have a dream of becoming a pitcher, just like Jang Mi-guk did?

In response, Jang In-hyuk said, “After entering middle school, the coach asked me to pitch, so I think I did it for about six months. Pitchers are good, but I followed suit without delay because the coach said I was more talented in batting. However, I really want to try to become a pitcher next year when I become a high school student,” expressing his desire to be reborn as a player as much as his uncle.

Jang’s grandson has become a memory among professional baseball fans. Jang’s nephew is now playing at a junior high school to achieve his dream of becoming another professional player. He will be able to play at Mokdong Stadium as a high school student next year.


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