Real Madrid has already found a cross replacement for “surprise retirement.”

May 22, 2024 | by

World renowned midfielder Toni Kroos (34) of Real Madrid has announced his retirement. Real Madrid’s love call for Florian Wirtz (21) of the German Bundesliga MVP this season is expected to intensify.

“I wanted to finish my career at the peak. I am happy and proud to have decided (to retire) on my own at the right time,” Cross said on his social media (SNS) on the 21st (Korea time). Real Madrid also made official announcement on its website that Cross will end his career after the 2024 UEFA European Championship this summer. 토토사이트
Kroos is a key midfielder who has been playing for Real Madrid since the 2014-15 season after joining Bayern Munich and Leverkusen. In Real Madrid alone, Kroos has won numerous trophies including four Spanish Primera Liga titles and four UEFA Champions League titles. He also played a key role in Germany’s 2014 World Cup win over Brazil.

He played in 32 matches (23 matches) of the Primera Liga with one goal and eight assists, leading Real Madrid to victory this season. Eight assists are the most in a team. Earlier, local media reported that he would extend his contract, but Cross decided to end his career at the “career peak” as he wished.

Naturally, attention is focusing on how Real Madrid will fill Kroos’ vacancy. However, locals already say that Real Madrid has found a replacement. The main character is Birtz, who led Leverkusen to win the Bundesliga title without a loss and even has the MVP.

It has already been reported through local media such as Spain’s Marca and England’s Football Transfers that Real Madrid is seeking to recruit Birtz. While the recruitment of Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain) was virtually confirmed this summer, there have been a series of local reports that they planned to reinforce their power by recruiting another super-large recruit called Birtz next summer.

In addition, some predicted that Kroos’ retirement would be a factor that could speed up Real Madrid’s recruitment of Birtz. German media outlet Bild said, “Real Madrid is closely monitoring Birtz,” adding, “Real Madrid is evaluating Birtz as the perfect replacement for Kroos.”

Previously, the prevailing view is that it will not be easy to recruit Birtz immediately, as Spanish media predict that “Next Summer” will be the time to recruit Birtz, not this summer. Birtz has played as an ace under coach Xavi Alonso, scoring 11 goals and 11 assists in the Bundesliga alone this season, and is likely to challenge the UEFA Champions League stage with Alonso next season. His market value, which will soar even further after the end of the season, is also burdensome for Real Madrid.

However, the loss of transfer fee is not so great as to embrace Mbappe as a free agent, and since Cross is not in the team from next season, we cannot rule out the possibility of speeding up the recruitment of Birtz. At least, it seems to be a given that the next goal of Real Madrid, which has virtually confirmed the recruitment of Mbappe, is Birtz.


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