With 57 pitches, six scoreless innings…Replacement from starting pitcher 20-0; class other softbank 23 hits explode 21-0

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An extreme “thrower” league. Even after allowing one to two runs in seven to eight innings, he becomes a losing pitcher. The team frequently gets a permanent strikeout and a permanent strikeout. The Softbank Hawks, however, are an exception. They are overwhelmingly No. 1 in batting average, scoring runs, and home runs. The batters’ explosive firepower lightens the pitchers’ shoulders. The team’s ERA is the only team among the 12 teams in both leagues.

Gohei Arihara (32), the ace pitcher of Softbank, started the game after throwing 57 pitches. He started the game against the Rakuten Eagles at the Fukuoka Peipay Dome on Sunday, and continued his pitching without allowing a single goal through the sixth inning.

He gave up four hits and one walk against 20 hitters. He recorded 18 out counts without striking out. He lowered his ERA to 2.03 and secured his fourth win of this season. He tied for second in multiple wins in the Pacific League and fourth in the ERA.

On May 14, just a week ago, he gave up four runs (three earned) in six innings in an away match against Rakuten, only to repay his defeat in one week. Arihara made eight scoreless innings in a match against Rakuten on April 30. He had an earned run average of 1.35 against Rakuten in three games this season.
He blocked the first inning with three outs. He handled No. 1 Ogojiya, No. 2 Itsuki Murabayashi and No. 3 Hideto Asamura, respectively, with straight hits to second baseman, ground ball to second baseman, and straight hit to pitcher. He pitched eight times.

He then gave up one hit each in every innings in the second, third, fourth and fifth innings. He beat out the Rakuten batters without any major crisis. He allowed only one runner on second base in the third inning.

The strongest lineup supported the starting pitcher on the mound. He garnered 23 hits to score 21 points. He showed off his overwhelming power in pitching and hitting, and won a 21-0 victory. He scored around 20 points for the first time in eight years since 2016.

Arihara handed over the mound to the bullpen in the seventh inning with a 20-0 lead. Three relievers blocked the remaining three innings with one hit and no run.

It caused a collapse of the Rakuten mound from the beginning. In the second inning, five hitters from leadoff hitter No. 4 Hotaka Yamakawa to No. 8 Takuya Guy had consecutive hits. As a batter, he garnered eight hits to garner seven runs.

He also hit hard in the fourth inning, following a batter’s order. He had eight hits and two four outs to garner 10 runs. He shocked Rakuten.

He added a rare record to his landslide victory. Kenta Imamiya, who started the game as a runner-up and shortstop, went to bat twice in the fourth inning and hit two triplets. It is the first time that he has had two triplets in an inning since the Japanese pro baseball was launched in 1950 under the two leagues. 토토사이트

Softbank hit three home runs, five doubles and four triples. Of the 23 hits, 12 were long balls.

Rakuten starter Cody Ponce was replaced after allowing 12 runs in three innings. He allowed one run in six innings against Softbank on the 14th, and experienced hell in a return match in a week.

Rakuten was founded in 2005 in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. After giving up 26 points in a match against Chiba Lotte Marines in late March of its first year, Rakuten has allowed more than 20 points in 19 years.

Softbank, which has garnered five consecutive wins, had 28 wins, two draws and 10 losses, with a winning percentage of 7.377 percent. It is ranking first, six games ahead of the second-ranked Nippon-Ham Fighters.


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