“Magic performance” set a new ML record for left-hander and starting pitcher No. 1 in the power ranking

May 24, 2024 | by

Japanese pitcher Shota Imanaga of the Chicago Cubs of the Major League Baseball was selected as the No. 1 starting pitcher’s power ranking.

The official major league website updated and announced the top 10 starting pitchers’ power rankings on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time).

“Our panelists had to evaluate the relative merits of Cubs’ Imana Shota, who made a successful transition from Japanese NPB to Major League Baseball,” said. “Detroit’s Tarik Skubal, who made a promising comeback from injury last year, is promoting a breakout at the age of 27 with a messy pitching weapon. Philadelphia’s Ranger Suarez is a seven-year veteran and has continued his winning streak. There was no easy decision, but ultimately only one could have been the No. 1 player.”
The three contenders were Imana, Scubal, and Suarez. They were named No. 1 Imana (ranked fourth), No. 2 Scubal (ranked second), and No. 3 Suarez (ranked fifth). explained, “As Imanaga continues to score zero points on a game-by-game basis, our panel’s response has changed from skepticism to acceptance and completely inclusive. The 30-year-old left-hander’s performance so far seems magical, but his four-seam/splitter combo literally seems like one to his opponents, the results cannot be ignored.”

“No starting pitcher has started his Major League career like Imanaga (five wins, nine starts, 0.84 ERA). Imanaga, who debuted as a fourth-ranked starting pitcher in the previous survey, said, “I couldn’t miss the first place this time.”

In his first year since his Major League debut, Imana has continued to show phenomenal performance. In his first appearance, he won the game against the Colorado Rockies by allowing two hits, nine strikeouts and no runs in six innings, and recorded five scoreless runs in nine games. He has five wins, no loss, and a 0.84 ERA in nine games. He has 40 hits, nine walks, and 58 strikeouts in 53 ⅔ innings. 메이저사이트

His ERA in nine games since his debut in the Major League was the lowest since 1913, when the ERA was officially set in 1913. The previous record was 0.91 in nine games since Fernando Valenzuela made his debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1981. Imanaga set a new record.

In the eight years from 2016 to last year, Imanaga recorded a total of 165 games (1002 ⅔ innings) in Japan’s NPB with 64 wins, 50 losses, and a 3.18 ERA in four holds. Imanaga, who played for the Yokohama DeNA BayStars until last year, signed a five-year contract worth up to $80 million (about 109.3 billion won) with the Cubs ahead of this season.

He will receive 9.25 million dollars in annual salary this year and 13.25 million dollars in 2025. There are club options for the Cubs ahead of the 2026 season. The club options are 20 million dollars in annual salary in 2026, 20 million dollars in 2027, and 17 million dollars in 2027. If the club does not implement the option, there is a player option. He could receive 15 million dollars in annual salary in 2026 and 15 million dollars in annual salary in 2027.

A total of $53 million (about 72.4 billion won) will be guaranteed for four years, and if the Cubs decide to extend it as an option, it will be a five-year, $80 million contract.

Meanwhile, Skubal, who was ranked second, has won six games and lost one game with a 2.25 ERA. In third place, Suarez Jr. has won nine games and no loss with a 1.36 ERA. Fourth place went to Philadelphia’s Zack Wheeler (5 wins, three losses, 2.52 ERA) and fifth place went to Los Angeles Dodgers’ Tyler Glasnow (6 wins, three losses, 3.09 ERA).


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