“Wow” A Korean pitcher rode and pitched 7 innings of QS+ in Triple-A… “76% of the strike rate” He shined with a knife

May 24, 2024 | by

Choi Hyun-il (24), a member of the Oklahoma City Baseball Club under Triple-A under the Los Angeles Dodgers, played the most innings in a single game, leading the team to win four consecutive games.

Choi Hyun-il started the 2024 minor league Triple-A Pacific Coast League home game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chicaso Bricktown Ballpark in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on the 23rd (Korea time) and recorded four hits, three strikeouts and one run in seven innings.

Oklahoma City won 5-1 over Reno thanks to starting pitcher Choi Hyun-il’s quality start plus pitching (more than seven innings and less than three earned runs). The team has had five consecutive wins from April 22 to April 27, before resuming its winning streak. Oklahoma City, which has won four games in a row, has recorded 27 wins and 20 losses.

According to the official minor league website , Choi Hyun-il’s seven innings is the first time in 278 days since Landon Nack pitched seven innings (one run in seven innings) against Salt Lake Vis on August 19, 2023. Since then, Oklahoma City has played the fourth walk-free game this season as Nick Ramirez and Michael Peterson have each blocked two innings without a walk.
He displayed his blade-like ball control. He pitched 60 strikes, or 76 percent of the 79 pitches, to create four three-and-out innings. The induction of swings and misses was impressive, too. He pitched 39 slits, 14 sinkers, 13 change-ups, and 13 four-seam fastballs, inducing a total of eight swings and misses. Among them, the cutter garnered six swings and misses, and contributed the most to his performance in the long innings.

Choi allowed a long hit in the top of the first inning. After grounding Albert Almora Jr. to the second base, Choi hit a double by Adrian Del Castillo. It was a good first pitch at 92.9 mph. However, he struck out an outer cutter by Kyle Garlick and threw a fly ball to Andres Chaparo to end the game without losing a point.

It was similar in the second inning. He got a left-handed hit from leadoff batter Devión de Los Santos, but gave three poor hits. The three outs continued from the top of the third inning to the top of the fifth inning. Starting with one out in the second inning, it was 12 consecutive poor hitters. Garlick, a slugger with 119 home runs in the minor league, was tricked by an outside cutter and struck out a swing and miss in the top of the fourth inning. Despite the hit, Los Santos also gave up by foul tip strikeout with a high cutter to compensate for his pain at bat. The top of the fifth inning ended with seven balls.

Choi, who had been holding out well, gave up his first run in the top of the sixth inning. Leading hitter Bryson Brigman hit an infield single, and Almora Jr.’s sacrifice bunt drove Brigman to second base. Del Castillo scored the first run with a timely RBI single against the right field. However, Choi did not allow additional runs, inducing Gallic to hit a double play.

Oklahoma City set the winning pitcher requirement for Choi Hyun-il by exploding its batters in the bottom of the seventh inning. The leadoff hitter Trey Sweeney got on base on an error by the first baseman. Austin Gausier walked to get on base, and Hunter Peducia’s grounder made it to second and third bases with one out. Chris Owings tied the game 1-1 with a sacrifice fly to center field, and Jonathan Arauze made a 2-1 come-from-behind victory with a timely RBI single in the middle.

Choi Hyun-il also showed his strength. In the top of the seventh inning, he grounded out to Chaparro, De Los Santos to shortstop, and Tristin English to center field to end the game. In the bottom of the seventh inning, with runners on the first and second bases with one out, Sweeney and Gausier making timely RBI, making it 4-1. When Gausier stole second base, third baseman Sweeney stepped home due to an error by the opposing catcher, making it 5-1. Since then, both teams failed to score, and Oklahoma City ended up winning 5-1.

Choi Hyun-il, a graduate of Seoul High School, joined the Los Angeles Dodgers for 300,000 U.S. dollars through an international contract with the Major League in 2018. In 2021, he received the Los Angeles Dodgers Minor League Pitcher of the Year award and was ranked 26th in the Dodgers’ team by the official major league website . At the time, said, “Choi Hyun-il is quite good at command and control among young pitchers. With a three-quarter pitching form with a decimation, he can put the ball anywhere he wants around the strike zone.” “As a highly completed player, he can enter the end of the rotation to start the 메이저사이트 Major League in the future.”

However, the injury hampered his performance. In 2022, he played only four innings in two games, and in 2023, he finished the season with 16 games (13 starters) with four wins and five losses, an ERA of 3.75, and 46 strikeouts in 60 innings.

Choi Hyun-il, who is in his last season with the Los Angeles Dodgers, is moving back and forth between the Double-A Tulsa Drillers and Triple-A Oklahoma City to develop his dream of making a big league debut. His maximum fastball speed was only 93.1 miles per hour (about 149.8 kilometers), but he is also impressive in the Triple-A Pacific Coast League, which is famous for his excellent ball control and pitching design. Currently, Choi Hyun-il is the only Korean starting pitcher who plays in Triple-A.

At a home game against the Los Angeles Angels’ Salt Lake Biss on the 6th, he drew attention as he recorded three strikeouts and one run with five walks (four walks, one body hit) without a hit during six innings. After playing one more Double A game, Double A’s performance is gradually laying the groundwork for a big league call-up with a 6.92 ERA in three more games, 19 strikeouts in 13 innings (three walks, four bodies hit), and 13 strikeouts in 24 ⅓ innings with a 3.70 ERA in five games, and 15 walks in 24 ⅓ (12 walks, three bodies hit), respectively. WHIP, which once soared to 1.6 at one point, also fell to 1.34.


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