Lee Jung-hoo is out for the season…Cy Young-sang’s pitcher is also running away from the “ERA 10.42” FA, but why do you keep winning SF?

May 29, 2024 | by

Cy Young Award pitcher Blake Snell (32), who was hired by the San Francisco Giants as a free agent, continues to show sluggishness. With outfielder Lee Jung-hoo (26) out for the season due to his shoulder injury, San Francisco’s investment in free agents seems to be failing at least in 2024.

Snell started the home game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, on the 28th (Korea time), and was removed early after failing to endure the fifth inning with five hits (one homer) and two walks, seven strikeouts, and four runs (three earned) in four innings.

He blocked the first and second innings without losing a point, but allowed Kyle Schwarber a two-run homer after getting a hit by Johan Rojas in the third inning. He threw a four-seam fastball at 95.6 mph (153.9 kph) at the fifth pitch, but it went over the right fence. In the fourth inning, he lost a point due to a wild pitch after being hit by Edmundo Sosa, who hit a triple over the right-center field with one out. The game is tying 3-3.
He then sent Witt Merrifield to the first base due to third baseman Matt Chapman’s catch error, allowed a stolen base to the second base, and allowed additional runs as Rojas’ missed ball became a critical hit. 3-4 come-from-behind. After allowing the next batter, Schwarber, to walk, he allowed even a double steal. He managed to end the inning by striking out J.T. Realmuto, but Randy Rodriguez took the mound from the start of the fifth inning. He pitched 90 pitches in four innings. While the runner was unstable in ball control, he revealed a problem with his slide step and sweated a lot.

Until Sunday, Snell had only lost three games and had an earned run average of 10.42 without a win in five games during this season. He had 24 strikeouts in 19 innings, but had 11 walks, which amounted to 5.21 per nine innings. He was originally a poor ball control pitcher, but his batting average was the worst in his career. His batting average also soared to around .300 (.318) last year, up from .18). He has been under fire every time he takes the mound, even though his ball speed has not dropped significantly or anything. In all five games, he went down without going through five innings. It is unbelievable performance that he was a Cy Young Award pitcher last year.

San Francisco signed Snell as a free agent for two years and 62 million dollars ahead of the season’s opening in March. Despite winning the Cy Young Award last year, he failed to gain popularity in the free agent market throughout the winter, and signed a re-agreement with San Francisco that included opt-out as if he surrendered the white flag less than 10 days before the season’s opening. 안전놀이터

As he skipped spring training, he needed time to build up, and only took the mound on April 9 for the first time in this season. After three games, however, he injured his left adductor muscle and took a month-long hiatus from the injured list. After returning from the injury, he has pitched four runs in less than four innings in two consecutive games, making it difficult for him to recover.

San Francisco’s Lee Jung-hoo, who was hired last winter for six years and $113 million, also hit his left shoulder against the fence while defending against the Cincinnati Reds on the 13th and suffered a ruptured joint and throat. Lee Jung-hoo was out for the season after 37 games, and Snell, the next big money, suffered a headache as he continued to suffer from a slump.

Despite Lee Jung-hoo’s injury and Snell’s poor performance, San Francisco has continued to win. On the day when Snell went down early, the Philadelphia Phillies won the game 8-4, scoring four runs in the fifth and seventh innings. It was a come-from-behind victory against the league’s highest winning team. Luis Matos and Eliot Ramos, who are given the chance to start in the outfield where Lee Jung-hoo and Michael Confoto are missing due to injury, posted two hits apiece.

Coincidentally, from the day Lee Jung-hoo was injured, San Francisco rebounded sharply with 10 wins and 4 losses (.714 winning percentage) in 14 games. Young players are outstanding in fielders. Although 22-year-old Matos, who took the center fielder’s position without Lee Jung-hoo, has shown rapid growth with a batting average of 27 percent (17 hits in 63 times at bat) and 19 RBIs in 15 games, with an OPS of .705. Another promising outfielder, 25-year-old Ramos, also began to display his potential with a batting average of 288 percent (19 hits in 66 times at bat) with two homers and 12 RBIs with an OPS of .795. In the infield, 25-year-old Brett Weisley has been struggling with shortstop by exploding his batting average of 45 percent (9 hits in 20 times at bat), one homer and six RBIs with an OPS of 1.079 in nine games since his call-up on the 12th.

FA third baseman Matt Chapman, who was brought in for three years and $54 million, also survived the slump until April and survived with a batting average of 253 percent (23 hits in 91 times at bat) with four homers and 13 RBIs in May. On the mound, Jordan Hicks, a pitcher who was recruited by FA for four years and 44 million dollars, is pitching ace-class with 11 games (58 innings) with four wins, one loss and a 2.33 ERA, and Logan Webb is playing as one starter with 12 games (72 ⅓ innings) with four wins, four losses and a 2.74 ERA.

San Francisco Giants, which already has 28 wins and 27 losses in this season to +1 from 0.509, is tying for second in the National League West, trailing the top-ranked Los Angeles Dodgers by five games. Although it has little significance yet, the team has advanced to the point where it can play in the fall baseball league as a joint second-ranked wild card player. Unfortunately, Lee Jung-hoo was out for the season, but if Snell rebounds to some extent, fall baseball will not be a dream.


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