“I want to dream of Park Young-hyun, the second in a row, to lead Deoksu High School, who grew up watching Yang Hyun-jong.”

May 30, 2024 | by

A third-year elementary school boy who grew up watching the KIA Tigers and Yang Hyeon-jong (36) has become a member of the “one-two punch” of prestigious high schools, which is considered the strongest in history. Right-hander Kim Tae-hyung (18), who was considered the champion for two consecutive national championships at Deoksu High School in 2024, is the hero.

Deoksu High School, led by head coach Jung Yoon-jin, beat Daegu Sangwon 4-0 in the final of the 78th Golden Lion National High School Baseball Tournament and the weekend league king match held at Mokdong Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 29th.

He was ahead of the starting pitcher lineup. Deoksu replaced left-handed ace Chung Hyeon-woo with right-handed Kim Tae-hyung as the starting pitcher. Against the Daegu Sangwon batters, Kim Tae-hyung pitched four hits, three walks and three strikeouts in four innings (one walk and two body-appropriate balls), which are said to be eligible for the rookie draft nomination from No. 1 to No. 4 this year. He mass-produced ground balls with fast balls up to mid-to-late 140 kilometers per hour, curves and splitters with good angles. Deoksu’s infielders, who were evaluated as capable of playing shortstop in the pro league by a KBO scout, supported Kim with stable defense. As a result, ace Chung took the mound from the top of the fifth inning with his team leading 2-0, and displayed powerful pitching without burden.
After winning the championship, Manager Jeong Yoon-jin of Deoksu High School also gave compliments to Kim Tae-hyung. He threw only a small number of 67 pitches on the day and was replaced by Chung in the top of the fifth inning, which made Chung feel sorry for that. “We cannot ignore the power that Jung Hyun-woo and Kim Tae-hyung give each other. With two pitchers in the team, it is easy to manage the game,” Chung said. “I was agonizing over when to disembark (Kim) from the fourth inning to the fifth inning, but since his opponent’s No. 1 to No. 3 is a left-handed batter, I replaced him an hour earlier.” Chung Hyeon-woo, who also joined the team to secure the team’s victory, said, “I throw the ball freely because (Kim) Tae-hyung is there. If I am not there, Tae-hyung can win, or I can win. This is why I think it is good to have two (definite starters) in the team.” 메이저사이트

Kim received the award with one win and no loss with an ERA of 0.68 and four outs and 11 strikeouts in 13 ⅓ innings, perfectly dispelling his regret that he failed to make it to the finals. Kim failed to make it to the finals with Jung Hyun-woo at the E-Mart Cup, this year’s first national championship. Without Kim, however, Deoksu would not be able to guarantee his advance to the finals. In the past four E-Mart matches, he had two wins and no loss with an ERA of 0 and 27 strikeouts and one run (zero earned run) in 14 ⅔.

“I’m glad that the victory helped me. I wanted to throw more because it was the final, but I came down early because I was shaking a lot. Still, (Jung) Hyun-woo blocked me well in the back, so I was able to win the championship. I wanted to throw more because I was confident (about the replacement of the fifth inning), but since Hyun-woo threw so well, I believed in Hyun-woo and came down,” he said. “The coach said that just because we won the first competition, we should not do as we did last year. After winning the championship, we continued to train hard and stayed committed to our initial commitment, which is why we were able to bring about the Golden Lion. I want to keep winning as much as possible in the remaining competitions,” he stressed.

Kim Tae-hyung, who transferred to Deoksu High School after graduating from Hwasun Elementary School and Hwasun Middle School in South Jeolla Province, is a right-handed pitcher who is 186 centimeters tall and weighs 91 kilograms, and throws fast balls up to 152 kilometers per hour (informal and official competitions 151 kilometers). He is expected to be named as the top-ranked player in this year’s KBO rookie draft by using two sliders, curves and splitters stably.

In last year’s weekend league, it became a hot topic with 9 innings of no-hitter against Cheongwon High School, and he leads Deoksu High School, which is called the strongest ever along with Chung Hyeon-woo. This year, Deoksu High School is a team with strong power that even coach Chung, who won 16 national championships, praised, “There were good members in 2013 (three national championships), but I think they are stronger than them.”

He is off to a good start this year ahead of his nomination as a rookie draft player. This year, Kim has dominated the high school stage with a record of 0.47 wins and no losses in 12 games, 52 strikeouts in 38 innings, and WHIP (base-plus-slope) of 0.66. “My strength is that I don’t get too nervous on the mound and throw my ball positively. I can throw it in any situation with confidence,” Kim said. “My role model is Park Young-hyun of the KT Wiz. It was cool to see Park overwhelm batters with confidence even when he is in a crisis. “I want to try as a starting pitcher if I go to a professional league, but I think I can do anything well.”

The boy who dreamed of becoming a baseball player by watching KIA and Yang is about to enter the professional stage. He is receiving good reviews, but he does not want to let his guard down until the end. “I started playing baseball in my neighborhood because he looked cool while watching KIA baseball. My favorite is Yang Hyeon-jong,” Kim said. “My biggest goal this year is to be selected for the youth national team without getting hurt. I want to raise my ball speed a little more than now, and I want to throw up to 155 and win another national championship. In the rookie draft, my goal is to be selected in the highest order possible and finish within the first round.”


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