Tottenham Announces ‘Farewell’ With 4 Players… Including Dyer, who stands tall as ‘Munich’s Key’

June 6, 2024 | by

Tottenham Hotspur have announced their separation from four players.

Tottenham officially announced on the 5th (Korea Standard Time) on the club’s official channel, “We have confirmed that Jaffet Tanganga, Ryan Sessegnon, Eric Dier, and Ivan Perisic are leaving the team following the end of their contract. We thank Jaffet, Ryan, Eric, and Ivan and wish them a bright future.”

All four players have already lost their place in Tottenham. Notably, Dyer and Perisic left Tottenham in the second half of the 2023-24 season and moved to another team. Despite being on loan, Dyer successfully signed a full transfer contract with Bayern Munich, and Perisic also decided to completely settle down his former club, Heiduk Split.
Tanganga and Sessegnon were expected to compete within Tottenham, but they were ultimately confirmed to leave the team. It is unfortunate news for Tottenham. Both players were considered Tottenham’s “future.”

First of all, Tanganga made his debut in an English FA Cup match against Middlesbrough in January 2020, and he received attention as he played full-time. After the match, local media paid attention to Tanganga. He was thus evaluated as Tottenham’s ‘future.’ 여우알바

However, he has not grown as much as he thought. He has played in more than 10 matches each season as he was included in the first division squad, but failed to make a significant impact.

As a result, he completely lost his position. He went to Augsburg in the German Bundesliga in the first half of the 2023-24 season, but failed to play a single game and headed to Millwall in the English Championship in the second half. Having scored two goals in 18 games, he was classified as a key player and planned to settle down completely.

Sessegnon’s career has been twisted by injury. After establishing himself at Fulham, he joined Tottenham at the age of just 19 with a whopping W40 billion. Since then, he has been consistently utilized as a semi-mainstream resource, but due to Ivan Perisic’s addition in the 2022-23 season, he has been pushed out of competition and, to make matters worse, dropped out of his squad due to a hamstring injury. Unable to recover easily from his injury, he was completely pushed out of his squad for the 2023-24 season and ultimately decided to “break up” with Tottenham.


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