I have cramps in my legs before the no-hitter…9 innings, no four outs, 1-0 shutout → 1 hit in 8 innings, no score, and 29.1 consecutive innings, but “It’s unfair.”

June 10, 2024 | by

To KBO league coaches who are having headaches because of starting pitchers, Akinobu Okada, manager of the Hanshin Tigers, could be the object of envy. A strong starting pitcher displays good pitching in every game to correct the faltering team. Right-hander Hiroto Saiki (26), who has joined the team for eight years, is the main character.

Hanshin Tigers beat Seibu 3-0 in a match against the Lions at Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, on Sunday. The team swept three consecutive home games against Seibu on Saturday and Interleague (alternative match) weekend. It lost all three consecutive games against the Rakuten Eagles during weekdays, and swept the three consecutive games.

Hanshin Tigers, which used to be in the lead in the Central League, started to creak after May. Notably, it struggled hard in the Pacific League and the Interleague. From the match against the Nippon-Ham Fighters on May 29 to the match against the Rakuten on June 6, it played eight games, with only one win (seven losses).

The team atmosphere that had fallen to the bottom of the ground revived. Starting pitcher Saiki laid the foundation for victory by displaying stellar pitching. He had one hit and no run through the eighth inning with 112 pitches. He struck out nine and gave up three walks against 28 hitters. He overwhelmed Seibu’s batters with his fastball of up to 155 kilometers per hour. He garnered seven wins for the first time in both leagues, and lowered his earned run average (ERA) to 1.19. Eight wins were the most in a season last year, but he recorded seven wins in 11 games before the end of the first half.

In the top of the eighth inning with his team leading 3-0, he pitched 90 pitches until the seventh inning. With one out, the game was in a no-hitter atmosphere. Only two Seibu hitters were allowed to walk. With the first out in the eighth inning and the eighth out, Yamanobe Gakeru hit a triple to the right field. Yamanobe pushed a fastball 148 kilometers per hour away from the 2B to hit the right fence.
Then, he grounded out Shohei Suzuki to third base and walked Takeya Nakamura. At 3B1S, his fifth slider slightly deviated to the lower course.

With two outs and runners at first and third bases, he caught Yuichi Okumura with a fly ball to the second baseman. He subdued him with a fastball of 149 kilometers per hour. Hanshin allowed three runs in the bottom of the seventh inning, but maintained its lead until the end.

Saiki had a cramp in his leg when he was at the batter’s box with the leadoff hitter, Genda Sosuke, in the bottom of the eighth inning. It happened after throwing three pitches against Genda. Bench

Saiki, who was treated after entering, greeted the Seibu dugout and took the mound again. He got his first hit after getting a cramp in his leg. If he could have been in the best condition without cramping, it was worth aiming for a no-hitter.

Okada praised him, saying, “He continues to throw very well.”

On the 2nd, Saiki shut out the Chiba Lotte Marines with six hits, no four outs and no hits in nine innings. He led Hanshin Tigers to a 1-0 victory, which had been losing four games in a row. Earlier on May 12, he pitched a shutout with four hits in nine innings against the Yokohama BayStars. He also led the team to a 1-0 victory on the day.

As a Japanese pitcher, he recorded 1-0 shutouts twice in a season in 50 years. It is said that his two 1-0 shutouts in away games are the first in 55 years.

After giving up two runs in the bottom of the first inning against the Yakult on May 19, he has allowed no runs in 29 consecutive ⅓. He is the lone top scorer with multiple wins, and ranks second in ERA after Hiroshima Carp’s Daichi Osera (1.07). He is tied for first in strikeouts. Qualitis has played in nine of the 11 games 고수익알바

He finished with a tart (more than six innings and less than three earned runs).

Hanshin, who has won three consecutive games, beat the Yomiuri Giants to become second.


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