Figure skating 女 CEO drinks several times in overseas training books…Unavoidable disciplinary action by the Ice Federation

June 11, 2024 | by

The level of disciplinary action against them is expected to be discussed as athletes who drank alcohol in overseas training for the national figure skating team, which was ambitiously planned and implemented by the Korea Skating Union.

The qualifications for the national team were temporarily suspended after it was found that the female figure skating single adult national team players drank not once but several times during the overseas training period.
According to the Korea Skating Union (KAF) on Sunday, two female single national team players drank several times including beer at their lodging during the overseas training sessions of the Korean national team in Baresse, Italy, from April 15 to 28. Both players are known to be adult players.

Under the guidelines of the reinforcement training of the Korea Skating Union, drinking activities that can affect training and performance are prohibited. The federation said overseas training is no exception. “As overseas training is an official training program, the rules of prohibition of drinking should be followed,” a federation official said.

However, it turned out that their acts were nothing more than simple drinking. It turned out that they were not allowed to drink and drive at all as they were overseas and did not make a fuss at their accommodation. The federation also said, “There was no such thing as drinking and making a fuss. It is a violation of simple drinking regulations.”

First of all, the federation temporarily suspended the players’ qualifications for the national team through its own investigation.

Earlier, on Jan. 18, the federation selected a total of 16 2024-2025 figure skaters, including five men, nine women and a pair of ice dancing (two). The federation also held off-season training in Baresse for 12 nights and 14 days from Jan. 15 to 28. Baresse is located on the border between Italy and Switzerland and is about 60 kilometers away from Milan, where the Winter Olympics will be held in February 2026. For the federation, they sent a national team player overseas with great determination in preparation for the Winter Olympics, but something unfortunate happened.

Apart from the female athletes’ drinking, male athletes who visited the female athletes’ accommodation during the training period were also temporarily suspended from the national team.

The federation will hold a sports fair committee within this month to discuss the level of disciplinary action against them. 고소득알바

This is not the first time ice skaters have been involved in a drinking scandal.

Earlier in July 2022, men’s national team athletes, including 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic medalists, were disciplined for causing accidents in the athletes’ village after going out after training at Jincheon National Training Center in North Chungcheong Province, drinking and driving in the evening. Among them, prosecutors were indicted and fined 4 million won in May last year.

Going back further, in 2019, the speed skating representatives were caught drinking at the Taeneung Training Center in Seoul. In the same year, a male short track team player was disciplined for entering the female athlete’s quarters at Jincheon Training Center.

It is expected that there will be a controversy as female figure skaters have been found to have been drinking alcohol several times. Figure skating fans will also likely get confused if the punishment targets and the level of punishment are revealed in detail.


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