KT’s ringing bomb exploded, the first ground ball error to right field… Can we see it again

June 12, 2024 | by

Such a futile defensive error in the professional league.

Last week was a nightmare to the KT Wiz. It lost three consecutive sweepstakes against the Hanwha Eagles during the week. It also lost the game against the LG Twins on the following weekend, and lost for five consecutive games. What was comforting was that it escaped from consecutive losses by winning the last game of the three consecutive games on Tuesday.

Therefore, the first game of the week against the NC Dinos on the 11th was important. It had to continue its successive losses and upward trend. If you get further pushed back, it seems that the last-place fall could become a reality.

However, he lost the game. The game ended in vain due to consecutive errors. I wonder if I will be able to see right fielder Kang Baek-ho in the future.
It was a close game from the beginning of the game. They exchanged scores. The score at the top of the fourth inning was 5-4 NC.

KT, which switched to bullpen mode early after starting pitcher Han Cha-hyun, posted Kim Min-soo in the bottom of the fourth inning. The problem is that Kim Min-soo caught two outs well and had consecutive hits by Park Min-woo and Son A-seop. Still, Kim Min-soo guided Park Kun-woo, a hard hitter, to right field.

It flew a long way, but the ball flew high and took a long time. It was enough for right fielders to catch the ball in front of the fence. However, KT’s right fielder Kang Baek-ho missed the direction of the ball. Then, he dropped the ball. The runners jumped excitedly because there were two outs. It was natural that both of them stepped on the home ground.

If an outfielder fails to handle the ball, the team’s recorders usually give a hit. Outfielders often miss the ball when the wind is too strong or when the ball gets into the lighting bulb. There are many cases where a player makes a mistake in selecting the location of the ball because it is a hit that is well-matched. However, Park Kun-woo’s hit was an error to ground out to right field. It was a rare record. Even from the perspective of the recorders, this hit meant that the player had to catch it no matter what.

Kim Sang-soo’s “flicking” error followed. He lost another point. However, the situation was different. Not only did Kim defend himself, but also NC’s foreign hitter Davidson’s batting was too strong. Of course, it would have been better if Kim had caught him, but what I want to say here is that Kim’s situation could lead to an error, while Kang’s case was a mistake that a professional, not an amateur, should never have made.

Kang has been at the center of attention as a full-time catcher this season. However, his appointment as a catcher has calmed down a bit recently. He played in right field for the first time in 73 days against LG on Tuesday, and continued to play against NC, but a major accident occurred in two games.

Coach Lee Kang-chul said the same thing last season, ahead of this season. It was Kang Baek-ho’s participation in right field. The batting was strong, but the defense was too weak. Let’s have him play only as a designated hitter, so other players’ positions were not organized. It would be perfect if Kang Baek-ho entered a defensive position, but this was always the homework that KT had to solve. 메이저사이트

He played catcher until high school. After joining the pro baseball league, he tried to become an outfielder to recover batting performance. However, it was a burden on both the team and the players. He changed his position to a first baseman, but Kang requested to change to a position in right field again, saying it would be more difficult to play first base. The coach would like to grant his request if the team handled the ball to some extent, but he could not easily let him play in right field due to concerns over the situation in the game against NC Dinos.

With Oh Jae-il joining the team, the team decided to send Moon Sang-cheol to designated hitter and Kang Baek-ho to right field in anticipation of Oh’s batting performance and good first base defense. However, if the defense changes the outcome of the game like this, Lee will have no choice but to agonize further.


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